Ye Laindon Perfumerie Shoppe

A photograph to puzzle over. What year was it taken and where exactly was it situated?  Unfortunately there is nothing written on the back to help us.  Any ideas or information would be welcome.

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Ye Laindon Perfumerie Shoppe

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  • Alan Davies has a point here about the perfumery, there were Chemists in Laindon probably selling some of the same things. We have no idea of when the photo was taken but I would guess it may have been in the 1930s when Laindon shops were on the increase. Alan’s point about only having a bath once a week didn’t just apply to Laindon.

    In Barking we had a tiny bathroom with a cast iron bath standing on its own individual feet. This was filled from a hot water copper every Friday night. I was usually the last to use it so it was quite foamy to say the least.

    When we moved to Nicholl Road, Laindon the bath again was small but at least it had hot and cold running water, a vast improvement. I remember using something called Drene shampoo which was in a foil packet, I used to get the remains of what Mum didn’t use. Later on in Laindon I used Breck Lemon shampoo then when my hair was dry, I used Tru-Gel to get the look of the day.

    By Richard Haines (05/02/2017)
  • A shop dedicated exclusively to selling perfumes, scented soap etc., in down market, financially challenged, Laindon? As I remember, these articles were available in Wilson’s and Relph’s as an extra to the main chemist business, a stand alone shop dealing exclusive in these articles? Very surprising. I doubt that it could have lasted long.

    There was little or no money for such fancy goods and there was competition from the two chemists. On the other hand, in a village where typically people bathed once a week in a galvanized bath, with water heated on the stove (children one after the other in the same increasingly dirty water, perhaps topped up with a little hot water from the stove) there might well be a demand for a product that disguised natural odours as the week wore on.

    By Alan Davies (04/02/2017)
  • Above the shop name there is another sign with a name on, does more of it show on the actual photo ? This might help to identify the shops location, shame if it isn’t. 

    Editor: Unfortunately not. We scanned the whole of the photograph that we have.  The white border can be seen that frames the photograph.

    By Donald Joy (03/02/2017)

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