Dunton Reunion 2012

Another enjoyable gathering

I feel I must mention about Saturday 4 August 2012 when Dunton Plotlands Reunion was held; hosted as usual by Audrey and Leonard Carter.  They could be seen chatting with their old Dunton neighbours and friends but it was through their kindness that they agreed to extend and share the gathering by including Laindon & District Community Archive.  They deserve a big thank you for organising the event and providing some comfort foods on a grey day.

Because of uncertain weather conditions, the get-together took place inside the Langdon Hills Country Park, Nature Reserve and Visitor Centre, instead of the usual place The Haven, Third Avenue.  Surprisingly, despite the weather, many folk turned out and the room was soon very comfortably full.  A lively buzz of talk surrounded the room and it was heart-warming to see just how many people had made the effort to come out and catch up with their yesteryear acquaintances.

As mentioned, Laindon & District Community Archive was in attendance and they provided many splendid old photographs, where eager eyes happily scanned for recognition, bringing back their own remembrances.

Some folk had travelled quite a distance to attend thereunion which proves there is still a keen interest to keep going with our local history.  Some left their names and details so that they can eventually relate their own personal memories for the site and there is a good chance of some more old photos coming to light.

Many names were bandied about and so there was quite a few updates discovered. Obviously during conversations it was sad to hear of the ones who had passed on or were unwell, but mainly there was much joviality and happiness at being in close contact with old friends.  Sometimes a small cluster would be found in deep conversation and I personally was so pleased to have had a lovely conversation with Hazel Cuttler and my old friend Eileen Burton.  There was a message from Ken Page now back in Australia – he would have loved to have been there.  Yes Ken, a couple of your motorbike pals were there!  Brian Mills, though unable to attend, had sent on a piece of history in the way of a world radio card (his hobby) and this card showed his address as The Haven, Third Avenue,Dunton!

All in all, I thought it was a lovely day AND the weather was quite good – at times – but who cared?  Even when Joe Goodman(Cotterill) burst into the room at the last moment, apologising for being late (held up) looking very smart and dapper.  There were still some folk left to have a chat with Joe and he brought a lovely ray of sunshine of his own at the very end of a brilliant day!

To the folk who were absent, for various reasons, you were not forgotten.  You are still part of our history.

Kind regards to everyone who attended and many thanks to the organisers of Dunton Plotlands Reunion.

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  • HY Andy and everyone, nice to hear you all had a great day again, I was there in spirit if not in person. 

    Barbara and myself have wonderful memories of our visit back in April, we did really enjoy meeting and talking to as many as we could, not enough time unfortunately to see more of you.

    However its great that this site is keeping the history of our little part of England alive, god bless you all for it, cheers Ken and Barb Page.

    By Ken Page (15/10/2012)

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