Laindon High Road School 2011 Reunion

First of all we  apologise for taking so long to get this article on site but more of this later. 

On September 17th. Paul & Jim Gibson arranged and sponsored a reunion for pupils that were born 1947-1953 that went Laindon High Road School. 

It was well attended with many pupils very animated and enjoying the excuse to meet and chat with old friends. Retired teacher Mr. Partridge & his wife were there and was popular with his ex students. Paul and Jim worked very hard with their families and helpers to make it a success, they supplied snacks & nibbles for the guests and held a raffle to raise funds for several families they felt were going through difficult times. People were very generous.

After a very happy evening with people  renewing friendships the event closed at about 11 30pm.

I was asked to attend the reunion although the wrong age so I asked if Ian and I could go in the capacity in our role as Archive members. Paul & Jim gladly agreed. We enlarged and prepared the well known 1958 long photo taken at Laindon School to take with us, it was very popular with the folks there. The promotional items we took to raise funds for the Archive sold well and we were even given some very generous donations to help with the development of the site. Thanks everyone.

The Photograph!!! This we have found has opened up a whole new can of worms, hence the delay putting this article together. It took a great deal of time on Ian’s part to prepare and get the photo on the site. He divided the picture into 13 pages and numbered each pupil & devised a way to enable contributors to add names to the picture. As soon as it was added to the site the response has not stopped, it has proved so popular Ian has been non stop trying to keep up adding the comments.

Thanks again Paul & Jim for showing that the community is still alive and kicking here in Laindon. Oh! And by the way, thanks to all you old Laindoners for responding to the site, we would not have anything to do otherwise!!!!!!!!!   

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  • Hi it was great night, on a very sad note Robert Shorter who attended with me and Kevin Brown has now passed away, great friend lost. Would be great if we could do another one soon.


    By Keith Nock (03/03/2014)
  • I’m sure I recognise some of these faces – can we have some names please! 

    Hope to see some of you on 22nd March at Manor Mission 

    Regards Helen Sutton (nee Brown)

    By Helen Sutton (02/03/2014)
  • Great pictures, well done

    By Frances Tyler (23/12/2011)
  • By the way Ian and Pat, just for the record, its Paul Gibson not Peter. I am sure he will forgive you. Thank you both for your hard work.

    Editor: Thanks I have corrected, put it down to loss of memory.

    By Frances Tyler (23/12/2011)

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