Memory Day - 30th May 2015

At the library, we were delighted to greet Alan Davies, a frequent contributor to the archive website, here on a visit from his home in California.  He had brought along his long-time friend Jim Grindle who had travelled down from near Liverpool.  They were joined by other friends, Hazel Fox, Ray Farmer and Alan’s cousin Tony Davies.

A very pleasant couple of hours was spent chatting, reminiscing, looking at old photographs, listening and laughing at each other’s stories and enjoying some very welcome tea and biscuits with thanks to ‘Ken’s Café’.

More arrivals brought a gathering of around 27/28 visitors.

Monthly meetings at the library always go quickly and we ran over by half an hour.  A few of us decided to go on to have lunch somewhere followed by a trip to The Haven Museum at Dunton.  The Old Dog at Herongate was decided on.  At the table, Alan was asked what he misses most about England.  He didn’t answer but with a smile on his face, he pointed to his glass of beer!

Many reunions have taken place at the library on Memory Days, including one of my own last month when I met up with Fred Llewellyn. He and I sat next to each other in 1951 in the infants at Markham’s Chase School.  We can both remember our first day in Miss Mayhew’s class, 63½ years ago.

On Monday morning, Jim was due to leave for home and we were more than happy to offer him a lift to Laindon Station.  Before departure, I took a photo of the two firm friends.

From left: Tony Davies, Jim Grindle, Alan Davies, Hazel Boyman (née Fox), Ellen English (née Burr), Tony Wood, Steve, Lesley Llewellyn, John Marshall, Fred Llewellyn.
Nina Humphrey
From left: Bruce Boyman, Hazel Boyman (née Fox), Tony Davies.
From left: Jessie, Ellen, Norman, Steve, Tony.
Nina Humphrey
Lunch at The Old Dog. From left, Chris Ash, Alan Davies, Nina Humphrey (née Burton), Colin Humphrey, Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) Jim Grindle.
Waitress in The Old Dog.
Alan Davies and Jim Grindle outside Laindon Station.
Nina Humphrey (née Burton)
Nina and Fred - classmates in 1951.
Colin Humphrey
Colin Humphrey

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  • Just discovered this site, nostalgia eh! Without it what we have to look back on? It’s all come flooding back, some good, some bad but I’ve got over it. Familiar names and some faces in the 1958 photo makes me sorry that so many of us lose track of each other. However it pleases me to find so many LHR ex pupils communicating via this site. Will be checking it out frequently from now on. Hope some remember me in a good way or those that remember me otherwise have a forgiving nature.

    By Donald Joy (Smith before adoption) (06/08/2015)
  • Hi Bill.  Yes, it was good to see Fred Llewellyn.  Sadly, his brother Charlie passed away about four years ago.  It would be great to see you again too if you manage to get to one of the Memory Days sometime.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Best wishes.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (16/06/2015)
  • Hi Nina,

    What a surprise to see Fred Llewellyn. The last time I saw him was probably when we left Laindon High Road School.

    As you know I was also in the same classes and knew Fred and his brother Charlie well.

    Good to see these memory days happening and may even get to one myself one day.

    Regards, Bill Lewis

    By Bill Lewis (03/06/2015)

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