Memory Day at Laindon Library 24 June 2017

June’s Memory Day saw a group of 16 at Laindon Library, including a former Laindon resident and Laindon High Road School pupil, all the way from his home in Western Australia.

Frank Gunner, who appears on the 1958 long photo, was made welcome by the group and enjoyed a friendly chat to former school friends.  He hadn’t been aware of the website, so he was pleased to receive a note of its on-line address to take away with him.  Hopefully he will enjoy reading the stories and seeing the photos that have been supplied by our many contributors.  Maybe he might be able to add some of his own in the near future.  We very much look forward to that.

Frank Gunner and Tony Wood
Colin Humphrey
Memory Day at Laindon Library 24 June 2017
Colin Humphrey

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  • Met up with Tony and your good self at the 2016 reunion along with a lot of old friends from way back.

    By Trevor Reynolds (06/12/2017)
  • 2 points : point 1 – Tony Wood in this photo looks familiar, is he in the 1958 long photo, if so, where? Point 2 – Is this a new craze amongst the males, sporting platinum blonde hair? Mine’s the same colour!

    Editor:  Yes, Tony Wood is No. 54 on page 8 of the 1958 long photo.

    By Donald Joy (26/06/2017)

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