Can anyone please tell me what these towers near the hospital are ?

Towers near Basildon Hospital

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  • Thank you very much Rob, I’ve been curious about them for quite some time now and just couldn’t work out where they were or what they were. Thank you so much for your detailed information.

    By Helen Painter (08/06/2022)
  • As you drive on to the hospital site Helen and go to outpatients at the end …on the right you will see the laundry and they are situated at the back of that area. The topography of that part of Basildon is raised thus giving them extra elevation as seen from Kingston Ridge or Lee Chapel South ….construction began in 1972 on these and the hospital opened in 1974/75….many housing designs were trialed, at that time architect’s began steering away from traditional build styles of the 50s and 60s to panel built and linked designs …some were good some not so…this can be seen in other Basildon and various New town estates throughout the country …its a shame that some looked like a copy of the soviet 5 year plan for housing…but….I digress… I’m sure one day they will like other designs and make the grade II list.

    By Rob (07/06/2022)
  • Thank you Rob. Where about are they? The look a lot older than the hospital.

    By Helen Painter (03/06/2022)
  • Nurse flats originally but some are now offices.

    By rob (02/06/2022)

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