Looking for help with my family -Barham and Gough.

I am looking for some help, my mum was born and brought up in Laindon. Her name was Dorothy Barham, she had two sisters Vera and Mavis and a brother Frederick. My grandparents Frederick Barham and Elsie Barham nee Gough moved to Laindon, from East Ham in about 1921. They lived there until 1960 when my grandad died, my nan then moved in with my aunt Vera in the Basildon area. My great grandparents Arthur Gough and Rosabella Gough nee Price and my great uncle Benjamin also moved out of East London I’m not sure when.

I have 2 addresses that relate to my family “Breamholme? ” Kimberley Road and “Rosabelle” Pound Lane. I am the youngest of 5, there is a big age gap between myself and my 4 brothers, I was born in 1965 and I never got the chance to spend any time in Laindon, my brothers did and I have heard lots of lovely stories about the place. Sadly none of my family are still around now apart from 2 of my brothers.

I am trying to get some idea about where these addresses were in Laindon, during the period my family lived there. I know that Laindon now is nothing like the Laindon then. I think Pound Lane was /is near St Nicholas Church. I have been reading the articles on the site and I would love to be able to be able to work out where my mum went to school, where they would have shopped, the type of life they led.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Editor: Dear Sue, thank you for contacting our website.  I will try and do a bit of research and look for more details about your family homes in Laindon.  Pound Lane still exists but Kimberly Road which was to the north of the A127 has long since gone.  If it’s OK with you I will add some maps to your aticle in order for you and others to see the location of the dwellings, this may tak eme a few days in the meantime those reading your article may be able to add more detail.

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  • Thank you for offering to add some maps to my post, that would very much appreciated.

    By Sue Dudney (15/09/2023)

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