Plotlands to Suburbia – Memories of Freda Hand

Freda and her husband Robert were brought up in the plotlands of Langdon Hills and Laindon, this is their childhood memories spent in primitive rural surroundings. Plotlands were areas of countryside which occupied mainly by Londoners, who purchased plots of rural land to escape from the city. This was during the late part of the 19th Century and early 20th Century.

Most of these plots of land were never ‘registered’ and were often sold in London public houses. They were initially used for a camping escape at weekends. After the First World War this migration of people out of London gathered pace and more durable homes were individually and simply built by these ‘homesteaders’.

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  • Good to see this! Can’t afford a copy right now but good to see an addition to #plotlands UK history
    Best Stefan

    By Stefan Szczelkkun (24/12/2023)

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