Rectory Cottages Dunton

Can you help identify these cottages?

Hello, I am researching my family and have obtained the birth certificate of my fathers sister. She was Rose Ethel Georgina Newton and was born 8th July 1907 at Rectory Cottages, Dunton. I cannot find any references to this address.

Unless there were other churches in the area, I assume the cottages were associated with St. Mary the Virgin church off Lower Dunton Road, in Church Lane, which I understand is now a private house.

There is a row of houses, in Church Lane, approaching the former church, are they or have they ever been known as Rectory Cottages?

I would very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

Brian Newton

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  • Brian,

    St. Mary the Virgin was definitely the only church in Dunton.

    Until 1934 the building that was in active use as the Rector’s residence was the building on Lower Dunton Road which is now called The Old Rectory (a wedding venue). The Church sold that residence, and a new rectory was established in Church Road.

    So in 1907 any buildings known as “Rectory Cottages” were more likely to be close to the rectory on Lower Dunton Road than in Church Road.

    I can confirm that the row of cottages on Church Road is not known as Rectory Cottages. I believe that they used to be known as Colony Cottages. I cannot rule out the possibility, however, that they were once called Rectory Cottages.

    There is a cottage next to The Old Rectory, and it is my home. Nowadays it is called Old Rectory Cottage, but the house deeds suggest that, before 1934, it was simply known as “the cottage”.

    I wonder whether your aunt was born in Old Rectory Cottage.

    The problem with my theory is that there is no evidence of more than one cottage on the rectory site, and the building does not look as though it is two cottages converted into one.

    Might “cottages” have been inserted by mistake on the birth certificate instead of “cottage”?

    David Llewellyn

    By David Llewellyn (28/05/2022)

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