Reminiscing the Old Days

Reminiscing the Old Days
I have been perusing through old local newspapers and have come across the following photographs and was wondering how many people still remember them.
St. Peters Mission Church In St Nicholas Road close to the High Road. I remember attending Sunday School Morning services with my younger sister. Opposite was St Peters Hall and remember going to a Christmas party and being given a book as a Christmas present. Complaining when I got home because it was smaller than the other children’s book. With my mother explaining that I only went to Sunday school during the winter months.
The second picture is of the paddling pool at Langdon Hills Recreation Park. I would walk all the way from Pound Lane, Laindon with mum just for a paddle. On one occasion on the way home I found somebodies wallet in Berry Lane, we handed it into the corner shop, called then Langley’s (Victoria Stores). A few days later I received a 1s.6d postal order from the owner of the wallet.
They were the days.

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  • Opposite St. Peter’s Mission Church, just outside the fence around St. Peter’s Hall to the west, was a small elevated area containing a non functioning water fountain and a wooden bench. On a fine summer Sunday evening, I would sit on the bench listening to the music wafting from across St. Nicholas Lane, waiting for my girl friend to exit the service in St. Peter’s Mission Church across the road. Thence on to a pleasant evening walk

    By alan davies (30/04/2022)

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