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John Grant
Team who ran the Parish of Laindon-cum-Basildon
John Grant

I was having a sort out of my memory drawer the other day, looking for something totally unrelated, when I came across this booklet, dated July 1946, entitled “Parish Magazine, Laindon-cum-Basildon” then thumbing through it, I realised that it may be of some interest to peeps like yourselves on here, I have scanned the front cover and the first inside pages for you to see.

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  • Ok Ed, I`ll upload the next batch.

    Nina, I understand.

    By John Grant (19/12/2013)
  • It gets even more interesting.  I’ve noticed that eight of my school classmates were Christened in July.  I was born 19th July 1946 so no doubt I was Christened in August/September.  Fascinating to read after sixty seven and a half years. 

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (19/12/2013)
  • John.  That is very kind of you, thank you very much.  I would like to borrow it,  however, as we do not publish e-mail or home addresses on the website, I will make contact with you via one of the editors.  Thanks again.    

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (18/12/2013)
  • About 50 Nina, It names many of the shops and merchants, If you wish I can send it to you for you to read. If you live local, I can pop it around? I`m in Brentwood.

    Editor: John we would like to add the rest of the pages to the site to jog the memories

    By John Grant (17/12/2013)
  • Very interesting indeed as it’s exactly the same age as me.  I was born in July 1946,  christened and married at St Nicholas Church.  Fascinating to read.  How many pages are there altogether?

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (16/12/2013)

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