Eddy Morris

Eddy Morris
Brian Cordell

This is a photo of Eddy Morris on his 1955 Norton Dominator 88 500cc. The location is King Edward estate, outside his girlfriends house her name was Josie Bowen, they got married and now live in Melbourne Australia, near Ken Page, who I am in constant communications with.

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  • This is a great photo of Eddy Morris, I remember Eddy arriving in Laindon, he came with his friend Don, whose family name could be Leathers. They moved from London into The Chase off Lee Chapel Lane. We were about 15 and Josie and I used to meet the motor bike boys at the Memorial Hall. Eddy and Jo fell for each other straight away and I had a short relationship with Don (because I liked his bike) that too was a Dominator. We used to go up to the bungalow they lived in in The Chase for Sunday tea, but I’m afraid Don was “neat and tidy” and I being such a tomboy and one of the lads, I am afraid it did not work out for me. 

    But Jo and Eddy made it and are still together now living in Australia. Around 1968 they came back a bit unclear whether they would stay there or not and while they sorted things I looked after their little boy Paul, I loved him to bits. They did decide to return to make a life in Australia and have never looked back. One day you never know young Paul (now approx 46), whom I have never forgotten, will return to see his short turn foster mum. This was the spirit of us old friends in Laindon even when on the other side of the world if you were needed you were there for each other. 

    Ron returned to London after a short time in Laindon as it was not really for him nor were us local girls Ha Ha. He was one that had a matching helmet made for me, shame it didn’t last, bless him. Ron are you still around or did the whole family move back to London.

    Jo and Eddy stayed together and Eddy stayed in Laindon until they married and moved to Australia and except for the short visit back have remained there, I miss you two greatly but love your courage starting life in a strange lands. 

    As the demise of Laindon became apparent to us all that our young lives were going to change forever, but reading these stories I can see my generation has not lost its wonderful sense of fun, adventure and intention of living life to the full.

    By Gloria Sewell (21/02/2012)

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