Lads on Land Rover

This is a picture of my Land Rover in the 1960s, from left to right Peter Bassett, Brian Cordell, Brian Luckman and Sid Williamson (R.I.P.)

This was a Plotland’s house, Claremont Road, just off St. Nicholas Lane.  The Standard Vanguard situated behind the Land Rover belong to Peter Bassett.

Brian Cordell

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  • Brian thanks, I do sometimes go to the Battlesbridge events, especially when the big American cars are on show, Mustangs etc. My cousin has a Camaro which he sometimes takes there. Be good to pop in on your motorbike bit as well my friend David Lane from Lane’s garage sometimes sells bits over there as well.

    By Richard Haines (15/02/2012)
  • Brian, if this is Claremont Road as you say, where exactly is the bungalow? Is it the St Nicholas Lane end of Claremont or the LHR school end? I knew four guys who lived in Claremont Road, Derek Grainger, David Woodley, Peter Tandy and Baden Bull. Can’t place any of your other two buddys in this.

    I thought Peter Basset lived at the station end of Laindon so I wonder whose house it was? Claremont Road was always difficult to drive on, no wonder the Land Rover features in the picture here – ideal! 

    Between Nichol Road (where I lived) and Claremont Road was a small field, probably the remainder of plots never used, behind the Amara bungalow, where we played football, flew model aircraft or just hung out, whatever the weather.

    By Richard Haines (14/02/2012)
  • Hi Richard. Land Rover is just in St Nicholas end, the other two lads came from Basildon both sadly departed. 

    Peter Bassett’s house was opposite his family moved there when they came out of the cafe near railway station. 

    I am still friends with Peter and see him most Sundays as we support Battles Bridge motor cycle museum. Pop in if your that way on any Sunday.

    By Brian Cordell (14/02/2012)

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