Laindon Motorcycle Crowd

Just reading about Brian Reynolds old Velo. I had one too! This was an OHC KTT I think! It was in an ex-WD Matchless frame, not sure about the front wheel, perhaps Brian Cordell can tell us! A real Bitza, anyway. The photo was taken at RAF Dishforth in Yorkshire. I rode it up there from Laindon, oh my aching back! Had a lot of mag. trouble up there, so sent it home by rail. Seem to remember Barry Dale towing me home from Laindon Station. I bought a mag from Pride & Clarke, got it running & sold it on. Be worth a few bob now.

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  • Note to Ken Elliott – Rayleigh Stadium certainly is no more, has been gone for years. It is now the usual Wickes, Argos, Sainsburys etc, really entertaining??? Used to go to the speedway every week as a young youngster, with mum and dad and the grandparents (they had the car). I remember Jack Unstead, I think he may be the “leg trailer” you have in mind? Don. 

    By Donald Joy (13/10/2015)
  • Reading the article by Ken Elliot and how he purchased a mag from Pride & Clarke’s. I can remember when they were the cheapest retailers in England when it sold a brand new 250cc Panther for £29 15s or a 350cc for £39.15s. At this time a Ford 8 could be bought new for £100. Petrol would cost 2s (10p), per gallon.. Today it would cost 4 times that amount for a bottle of water. My brother had a Morris 10 and had some difficulty in starting. He visited Cliff Parkinson who fitted a new set of points and sand blasted the plugs at a cost of 4 shillings, (20p). Those were the days, or were they?.

    By W.H.Diment (20/06/2013)
  • Thank you Ian for your information in respect of the Hackney Wick speedway, it did bring back memories, although there was one I would rather forget. I was present at the meeting when Dusty Haigh met his death on the track. The meeting was suspended.

    By W.H.Diment (20/06/2013)
  • Another of my memories aroused by Ken Elliot was about watching leg trailing exhibitions at Rayleigh speedway. I remember pre war meetings at Hackney Wick and saw leg trailing in competitive meetings. I believe two of the riders were Swedish brothers , Baltzar and M……. Hansen. There were others, but my memory grows dim.

    Editor: William, I have taken the liberty of looking up the name of Baltzar Hansen’s brother who was Moran. You may be interested in the following website.>

    (Please note that the link that was shown in this comment is no longer active)

    By W.H.Diment (20/06/2013)
  • Thanks Brian, for the information about Buck. I understand that Rayleigh Stadium is no more? I used to go to Norwich, with Dorothy on the back of my AJS to see the Norwich Speedway Stars in action. The stadium is a housing estate now. I remember the team had Ove Fundin, then the World Champ. and Billy Bales. Happy carefree days. Regards

    By Ken Elliott (19/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken. I will ask Den next time I see him about leg trailer. I remember buck Ian Buckle was his name, Elvis quiff hair style he always seemed to be on shore leave, nice guy and the bog standed bike he used to ride, was it green I seem to remember plus he wore cycle clips? I think he’s not with us any more sadly. All the best Ken. Brian C.

    By Brian Cordell (18/05/2013)
  • Thanks Brian, ask Den if he remembers going to Rayleigh Speedway, watching the Leg Trailing Exhibitions. Cannot remember the old boy who did them! Ask him also if he remembers Buck, a boy who was Regular Navy. He used to spend his time at home with us on Enefers wall. He had a push bike, full chainguard, whicker basket on the front. He never messed it up with trackbike bars! I wonder what happened to him? Regards Ken

    By Ken Elliott (17/05/2013)
  • Hi Ken. Love the pic of Velo a true cafe racer of the fifties. Looks like plunger type suspension on the rear wheel speedo drive on front wheel megaphone exhaust. Front forks look that they maybe BSA and there could be a connection with rear suspension, truly a bitzer but thats the way it was then. 

    An experience you will never forget riding all way to Yorkshire on happy days all the best.

    Saw Den the other day, all the best to you from him.

    By Brian Cordell (02/05/2013)

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