Parish Magazine 1946 continued

A few more pages from the Laindon/Basildon Parish Magazine, July 1946.

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  • My Dad Leslie Jack Churms is mentioned, but what is the list for please?

    Editor: We have been unable to find out what the list refers to but it was assumed that it was a list of those who had served in the war

    By Daphne Rowbotham (11/05/2014)
  • The list appears to show the wartime occupations of most of those on the the list and I believe that both my Father and his Brother lived at some time in Tylers Ave, however not in 1946. Both brothers were married by this time and had children. My family lived in Samuel Road during the war and then moved into a new pre-fab at 85 Railway Approach I guess, around 1946, my Uncle (Eric Ferrier) and family lived in Basil Drive about this time. 

    What the list doesn’t show is that of 2 other relatives, Clifford and William Cowell (my Mothers brothers) both of whom served in HM Forces during the war and who both subsequently returned to live in Laindon.      

    By Colin Ferrier (02/01/2014)
  • While  it appears that these are those who served, even very briefly (as one being aged 20 in 1946), it seems to be very incomplete in respect of the many  Laindon youth , some of whom did not return.

    Incidentally it contains the name of only one lady, that of Betty French who served with the WAAF.  Also perhaps the Laindon ladies who did serve may feel slighted by their omission.

    By W.H.Diment (02/01/2014)
  • John

    Can you check as there appears to be one or two page missed.

    By Ian Mott (01/01/2014)
  • Ian, Hi, I have checked the publication from front to back, and it appears that there is a magazine within a magazine? The outer pages relate to Laindon/Basildon with a few pages concerning North Benfleet/Nevendon, these pages are not numbered, The inner part/pages relate to the Essex Church News, and are numbered 49/56. As for the part that concerns us, the pages I have already posted on here to date, there seems to be a lack of continuity within the pages. I can only apologise for that but, that is the way the magazine is made up, a little confusing to say the least!  

    Colin, Hi, I have checked the page with the subject heading “Second List” and the preceding pages, there is no indication as to what the Second List refers to, or means, there does not appear to be any pages missing so, I am at a loss on that one? Any ideas out there? 

    By John Grant (01/01/2014)
  • My Father, Ferrier, Reginald George Henry and his brother (my Uncle)  Ferrier, Eric Willoughby both appear in the 1946 Parish Magazine “Second List“.  What does the Second List refer to?

    By Colin Ferrier (31/12/2013)

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