School Trip 1955


1955 LHR School Trip

Children in this photo that I can name are:

Jean Charters, Wendy Griffiths, Jackie Dennis, Carol Cooper, Janet Nightingale, Barbara Huxen, Gladys Quinton (blonde with arm in sling) and Andrea Pinnell.  Can anyone name any more please?

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  • I agree with Richard that this is Shenfield Station. There is one interesting point on the right hand side of this picture which is the heavy steel structure which was possibly left over from the time the GE had a 1.500 V DC system which had to be changed in order to be compatible with the much lighter 25KV AC system proposed for the LT&S and can be seen in the rearground. Even then some of the 25KV wiring had to be reduced in some areas to 6.25 kv as the arcing clearance could not be afforded in some of the bridges and tunnels approaching the city. I wonder if the massive RSJ constructed gantries still remain as reminders of past eras or have they been removed.

    By WH.Diment (01/06/2013)
  • I thought we had seen this school outing photo before on the Laindon website and it had been agreed that the station was Shenfield as the trip was to Norwich. Certainly the locomotive is an Eastern rather than an LMS type usually seen at Laindon. As a general point I do not like the layout change on the website which now puts the latest comments at the top, we still have to pan down to add comments at the bottom, most confusing.

    By Richard Haines (31/05/2013)
  • Does anyone know which station this is, does not look like Laindon.

    By Jim Quinton (28/05/2013)
  • Hi Len, I am not too sure that the girl you have mentioned is Brenda. I am the same age as Brenda, I was born Sept 6th, Brenda as I recall was Sept 23rd. We didn’t start L.H.R. until Sept 1956. I still have my school report book with the dates in. Because of the way the school year starts in Sept we were always the eldest in the class. We were almost twelve when we started L.H.R. to have started the year before we would have only been ten, nearly eleven in 1955. 

    If you look up Langdon Hills School trip to London for year 7, there is a photo I submitted with Brenda myself and four other friends on, the date on the back of the photo is 30th May 1956. I bumped into Brenda a few years ago at St Andrews, Billericay when she was visiting your mum. I knew she was in South Africa does she ever look up the Archive Site?

    By Ellen English nee Burr (26/05/2013)
  • The tall girl with a white ribbon standing on the right holding a coat over her left arm is my young sister Brenda Boret.

    By Len/Stella Boret (25/05/2013)

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