A Beginning

By Pat Aspinall

My name is Pat Aspinall née Brooker. I was born and lived in Laindon from 1942 until 1962, when I married and moved away. I was educated at Markhams Chase Primary and Laindon High Road Secondary schools. 

I was interested to read some of the letters from my peers which of course brought back many memories.  I had a happy childhood while a living in Lord Burleigh Drive, Laindon and this continued when we moved to Corona Road, Langdon Hills at the age of 15 due to the developement of Basildon!  I must now put my thinking cap on to see what I can come up with (if anything) that might be of interest.

Gloria’s stories have been fascinating to read various stories, although I remember her name I cannot remember whether we were in the same class at both schools.

My brother Bob (who still lives in Laindon) gave me this website last week whilst visiting me on holiday (I now live in a village on the outskirts of Lincoln City).  As I do not have any contact with my childhood friends it has been a wonderful experience to delve into the past which has only very happy memories for me.

I have not had an opportunity to read all the site yet but am looking forward to doing so, when I hope to be able to contribute.

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  • I was born in Laindon and lived in High road behind Doris and Connie Hairdresser. During the 1950s various members of the cinema era, including Joan Sims would come into the hairdressers and cause a great deal of hilarity. I also regularly watched Wesley Cricket Club And attended the church in Langdon Hills. We moved to Suffolk after compulsory purchase of my Grandfather’s business in the early 60s. I also remember the POW walking about and going via Blue House Farm to Markham’s Chase school during the
    Bombing. It always smelt of sick in the shelters!

    By Janet Clark (03/04/2020)
  • I notice Eric Pasco is a regular contributor to the archive. Strangely enough during my working days I spoke to his father, Dick, by phone many times over the years in his in his capacity as train crew and also as Inspector at Southend Central, but never actually met him. Although I had often seen him springing on to the rear coaches of departing trains. This of course was steam stock and not possible with electric.

    By W.H.Diment (22/01/2012)
  • Hi Mr Diment, Yes Dad worked on the railways all his life, starting at Laindon Station about 1930/31 as a porter and finished up at Southend Central. Amazing that you never met him since he had been in Laindon from age 15 in 1929. 

    He also played cricket in the early 50s but I have no idea who for, I just remember going to the Langdon Hills Rec to see him play, may have been just social games for the Winston Club, I am just too young to remember. 

    Dad also was an avid darts player for both Laindon Hotel and later the Winston. Dad passed away in 1999 aged 84.

    By Eric Pasco (22/01/2012)
  • Hello Gloria, Yes Beryl Pasco is my sister and she still lives in Laindon. She is married to Bryan Whitehead who you may also know. I Also have two other sisters Ruth & Jill living in Somerset & Staffordshire respectively.

    By Eric Pasco (22/08/2011)
  • Eric your sister was a good friend of mine we went on holiday to Devon when we were 16. Ian the web master of this site has my email adress and he will give it to you if you ask him. Gloria

    By Gloria Sewell (22/08/2011)
  • Hello Eric could I ask you please if your sister is Beral Pasco.

    By Gloria Sewell (21/08/2011)
  • Very pleased to see this website and how interesting it is. I was born in Essex Road in 1947 and remained in Laindon until moving to Australia in 1966, however I still have a sister living there. On my first visit back in 1976 I could hardly recognise any of Laindon so the photos really jogged some memories along with peoples comments. Attended Markhams Chase & Laindon High School and recall crossing Blue House farm yard to get to school. Keep up the great work and will visit the site often.

    Thanks for the comments and when convenient perhaps you could submit and article on your memories. Editor

    By Eric Pasco (16/08/2011)
  • My name is Gloria Muir (Sewell) when I discovered this site one day when surfing the net little did I know what new or should I say old doors it would open up for me. I was born in Laindon and lived there for 45 yrs, its demise to Basildon new town prompted me to move to a village in Suffolk Kessingland just like old Laindon. But nothing can replace my childhood memories of old Laindon and when I make the now rare return visits it is heartbreaking to see, or not see, the old village as it was. But just below the surface of all that concrete lay mine and hundreds of other peoples memories. Finding this site is like going back in time, a wonderful experience for me and it has also helped me get back in touch with so many old friends I thought I would never hear from again. I did not realise how many memories lay hidden in the corners of my mind. I am so pleased I found this site so I can record them for future generations. I must add a big thank you to the people who run this site and the hard work they all put into it regards Gloria

    By Gloria Sewell (06/08/2011)

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