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Schoolmates/A Nice Boy?

Seeing many names and faces on LHR photo c1958 that ring bells (a sign that Alzheimer’s didn’t get me yet). Eric Pasco I recall well and the name Richard Haines but I can’t put a face or a particular memory to him. Sorry for that Richard but it’s been a while! Saw myself in said photo. Who would have imagined that such a scrawny wretch could create so much havoc or upset so many people? Is it too late to seek forgiveness?

Have to congratulate Nina Burton (as was) for so many posts that have stirred so many fond memories of the old Laindon, she must be a mine of information and worked so hard to dig stuff up. Am new on here but will be a frequent visitor now I am aware of this site. Apologies for any confusion, you will have known me as Donald Smith but after being adopted by my mother’s 2nd husband, I became a real Joy.

A Nice Boy?

The photo of the bed and sofa bed shop on the High Road close to the Fortune of War roundabout spurred another memory of my days at LHR School. This shop was in my day a sweet shop, but my memory is concerned more with what lay just a short distance behind it, an abattoir! On occasion I would venture into this building and scrounge either some chicken feet or a couple of sheep eyeballs in an empty matchbox. The chicken feet, when you pulled the tendons would make the claws close and open, which scared the girls, the eyeballs received a much more dramatic response! Nice boy, wasn’t I? Or should that read, I wasn’t a nice boy? Needless to say I did not do well with the girls! Good days!

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