The Raggedy Man

At the rear of Surridge Dawson the newspaper distributors, within Jeakins yard, they had two lockup units. My uncle worked in one, his job was to print the stop press news onto the back page of the Evening Standard. In the other was stored large amounts of unsold newspapers. Also in this unit lived an old man with his many cats, he was, I guess, what we would term a tramp. Who he was I have no idea, nor do I know how he existed re food. But live he did, for he occupied this space for more years than I knew of. A strange old man, one day pleasant and talkative, the next miserable, moaning and cursing at everyone, just because they were there. Everybody who knew him referred  to him as “Raggy” and addressed him as such, which he answered to. This was in the sixties so it is safe to suppose he is no longer about. I wonder if there is anyone who knows more about him, who he was, how he came to be in this situation, did he have family somewhere, so many questions just waiting to be answered. 

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