My Langdon Hills Burr / Partridge Ancestors

George & Louisa Burr
Ellen English Family
Edwin & Ura Amy Burr my grandprents
Ellen English Family
Louisa Burr on steps of Hall Farm Cottage
Ellen English Family
Grt Grandmother Louisa with her 3 daughters, Charlotte, Florence and Ellen
Ellen English Family
George and Louisa's 3 sons, standing Thomas, seated on left George, and on right my grandfather Edwin
Ellen English Family
Me and my sisters c 1948 Nightingale Ave Margaret, Mary, Kathleen and Lynda
Ellen English Family
The Four Burr girls c.1951at White Cottage Nightingale Ave
Ellen English Family
Ellen English née Burr aged about six at Langdon Hills Primary
Ellen English Family

My paternal Grt Grandfather George Burr was born in Navestock, Essex in 1855. He was the eldest of ten children.

George’s parents and all prior Burr ancestors were born in Essex, I have traced back to late sixteenth century. They were all agricultural labourers and would probably have moved about for work. I assume this is how George came to Langdon hills.

George met and married Louisa Partridge, Louisa was born in Langdon Hills in 1863, they married 25th Oct 1879 at St Mary’s and All Saints, Langdon Hills. They had six children, three boys and three girls who all attended The Old School House, Langdon Hills.

George and Louisa lived at one time in Oxford Street [Lee Chapel Lane] and in their later years lived in Hall Farm Cottages, Langdon Hills. They lived in the cottage immediately next to the churchyard at the old St Marys, my grandfather is buried next to the fence dividing the cottage and churchyard almost his own garden.

Louisa’s mother was Charlotte Partridge nee Cordell and she was born in Dunton in 1823, Charlotte married Edward Partridge 25th Dec 1842 at St Mary’s and All Saints, Langdon Hills, and her own parents James and Anne married also at St Mary’s on 16th Nov 1816.

My grandparents Edwin Burr and Ura Amy Poole also married at St Mary’s on 24th Dec 1902

As you can see my ancestors are well and truly local.

I also married at St Mary’s on the 22nd Dec 1962 and have just celebrated our Golden Wedding.

I still live in Laindon probably about a mile or so from where I was born.

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  • I have been trying to get to know my mother’s family. Her maiden name is Burr. I came across the story of Aaron Burr and his family coming here to America in the 1600’s.

    By Brenda (09/03/2019)
  • Hi Patsy.  I will be at the Memory Day tomorrow Saturday 28th February, or I am quite happy for editor to pass my e-mail address to you.

    Hope to catch up with you soon. Ellen 

    Editor: e-mail address has been passed on as requested.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (27/02/2015)
  • Hi Ellen.   I’m so, so very sorry to hear about Lynda, she was no age. I have only just seen this e-mail, I would love to have seen you.  I’m still in the same house in Lee Chapel North.  Could you e-mail your phone number please.  I would love to speak to you and meet up.

    By Patsy Spendlove (26/02/2015)
  • Hi Pat.

    So pleased you have found this site, it is just great to share memories.

    I remember you very well, you and Lynda had a very close friendship.

    I am afraid to say Lynda died 16 years ago, aged 51 of cancer. I did come round to your house three or four times to let you know.

    She lived in Barrow as you said and we visited her every three weeks after she was diagnosed.

    I have photo’s of her in later life and will be at the Memory Day this Sat 31st Jan from about 11.00 if you want to catch up. Look forward to seeing you.

    Kindest Regards


    By Ellen English Nee Burr (28/01/2015)
  • Hi Ellen, I just came across this site, can’t believe it.  I was Pat Roper and was best friends with your sister Linda for many years at school.   Langdon Hills Primary School then later at Laindon High Road School.

    I remember your mum cooking me and Linda some home-made chips.  I also remember she had, I think, a minor bird?  Last I heard from you was that Linda had moved to Barrow-in-Furness.  I would love to see you and Linda again.

    I’m in Lee Chapel North now but used to live Langdon Hills next to the Church Hall.

    By Patsy Spendlove (27/01/2015)
  • Hi Alan.  Yes, we have had this conversation before, I think it might be twice.the joys of ageing.

    Alan Burr was my cousin, his father and my father were brothers. I still bump into Jeff Burr a couple of times a month at our local shop.

    Pat Burr is another cousin, his father was my father’s youngest brother.

    There were other male cousins up the Hills, the Caves and Doubleday, their mothers were my father’s sisters.  They also went to Langdon Hills Primary and Laindon High Road School.

    I did look on the Article list to see where we last exchanged details but couldn’t find it, there is so much info now on site it is amazing.

    Best wishes.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (06/05/2014)
  • Hello Ellen.  I stumbled across your webpage whilst looking up information about my grandmother, Gwendolyn Amy Burr. My great-grandparents were Rose and Jack on my dad’s side of the family.

    I’m just looking at your pictures and trying to figure out who’s who; family trees can be so complicated! Could you help me? I’d like to show my sister and my dad as we all know little about this side of the family. The photos are lovely.  Many thanks. 

    By Jacqueline Errington (05/05/2014)
  • Hi Jacqueline.  Your great grandfather Jack Burr was my father’s brother, so Jack was my uncle.

    Your grandmother Gwendoline and her brother John were my first cousins.

    I am so pleased you found the site, it is lovely when you stumble across info on your ancestors.

    I am quite happy for the editor to give you my e-mail address if you want to contact me on clarification on who’s who.

    As I mentioned I have done the Burr family tree quite a way back.

    I still live about a mile away from where the Langdon Hills Burr’s all lived.

    Kindest regards.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (05/05/2014)
  • Hi Ellen. Perhaps it is on some other page in these archives but I seem to remember asking you if you are related to my school friend Alan Burr. He had a younger brother, Jeff and lived at 2, Dry Street Cottages.

    Alan had a cousin Pat Burr. I may be wrong but somewhere over the years I thought I had heard that Pat married my cousin Marion Davies. Perhaps I am wrong. If correct this must make you and I seventeenth cousins thrice removed.

    By Alan Davies (05/05/2014)
  • Hi Tracy, You didn’t put your dads name, is it George? I think we are definitely related. Aunt Lottie was my grandads sister, she was the eldest out of the siblings, I can still picture her sitting with Aunt Florrie in the corner of The Crown near the piano, they always wore little hats. Aunt Lottie married George Siggers from Kirtlington Oxford, I think he may have come to Essex working on the railways, they had George, who married Gladys and they had George and Ernie. I remember George and Ernie well they lived just past the pub/post office down Dry Street. I am quite happy for the editor to give you my e-mail address if you would like any info on the ancestors regards Ellen

    Editor: Ellen, I will forward your e-mail address to Tracy as requested.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (08/06/2013)
  • Hi Ellen. Came across this website as I have been talking to my dad about where he was born. He was born in Dry Street and his surname is Siggers. Charlotte who is in the photo is my dad’s grandmother. Just wondering if we are related.

    By Tracy Bayley nee Siggers (07/06/2013)
  • Hi Pam, Yes it is your Grandad Tom, fine looking bunch aren’t they. Hope to see you at one of the Memory days at the library.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (08/05/2013)
  • Ellen, is Thomas, in the picture of the 3 brothers, my grandad? it looks like him. x

    By Pam McAllister nee Burr (07/05/2013)
  • Dear Ellen It’s so lovely to read your article because my great great grandfather was George Burr, my great grandfather was Edwin John, my grandfather was John Edwin who moved to Wimbledon and my father was John Edwin who sadly died in 2010. I would love to ask you more… Sue (nee Burr)

    By Sue (21/02/2013)
  • Dear Sue, yes we are related, your grandfather was my dad’s brother. I believe your grandfather was born in 1904 Langdon Hills.We always knew your dad as Uncle Jack. I remember visiting Uncle Jack and Aunt Rose way back in the fifties. Your grandad and my dad were very alike to look at, your dad was a little shorter as I remember, I also recall I think that your dad had a sister Gwen, is that right? I have gone way back with the Burr family tree but only put the relevant ones that relate to Langdon Hills. I am quite happy for the editor to give you my e-mail address if you would like more info on our relatives. I am so pleased you have made contact. Kind regards

    Editor: Hi Ellen, I will forward your email address to Sue as requested.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (21/02/2013)
  • It is quite strange how after you submit an article that you remember something else you could have added. I forgot to add that Edward and Charlotte’s wedding 1842 and James and Anne’s wedding 1816 would have taken place at the Old St Mary’s down Old Church Hill as the new church wasn’t built until the 1870s. All of these ancestors are buried down the old church I have their burial details.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (22/01/2013)

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