My life in Langdon Hills

I was born in Berry Lane in 1948 and my parents old bungalow is still there.  I went to Langdon Hills Primary School and then to Laindon High Road school.  My most poignant memory is that of meeting my dad on his return from work in London every evening and the smell of the steam trains.  I am now a steam train fanatic and have been on most steam trains throughout the country.  I remember going to Cysters? fruit and veg stall on a corner with my mum and Langdons the Butchers and Tommy Cole the fishmerchant.  I went to school with Lesley Parkinson of Parkinson’s Garage and knew the Toomey/Brooks family well and look what thy have achieved. I bought donuts from the bakery by the station and my sister was the first girl to have her hair cut at Peter’s.  I live in Crays Hill now but often go to Laindon/Langdon Hills to see how its changed and I think it should have stayed as a wonderful memory of my childhood going over the open spaces, Crown Woods etc without fear of being attacked, building camps with my friends, having our milk delivered by Bob with his horses Molly and Billy which gave me my love of horses and to go on to own some.

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  • Hi Joan. Have you seen the photo taken at Trecarne during the VE day celebrations?

    By Trevor Savage (13/05/2014)
  • I remember Terry Oliver, there are quite a few ex Laindoners in Australia perhaps we could have a reunion over here. I also remember Terry Daniels but I have no idea what happened to him. 

    I have posted all my school photos on the website, no doubt you have seen the Football and Cricket photos. Doug features in the football team. 

    The Laindon Park school play would be of interest as I am sure you would know most of the people who are in that. The one you have taken in the quad sounds good especially with Sue Day the Headmasters daughter. You may feel inclined to post it on this site one day. 

    It was sad to hear about Barbara Flentge, did she ever marry Ralph Haydn? I will ask the Editor to pass on my email address.

    Editor: I have your request in hand.

    By Bob Connell (26/10/2012)
  • Hello Joan, It’s nice to see someone from my era on the website. I hope you still remember me, we started at Laindon High Road School in 1960 in Mr. Lane’s class. Like me you obviously still have very fond memories of Laindon. I have been living in Australia since 1975 but I have always kept in touch with John Grady and have recently made contact with Ed Styles after 40 years, two names you may also remember. I enjoyed reading your article and look forward to any further instalments.

    By Bob Connell (25/10/2012)
  • Wow that’s good to hear from you of course I remember you and all the others. Went to school reunion last year and there was no one there I knew from our class at all. I am in contact with Terry Oliver in Oz he wasn’t in our class but I remember him well and Terry Daniels – don’t know what happened to him. I would love to hear from you. 

    Do you have any school photos – I have one taken in the quad when we were leaving with Sue Day and Barbara Flentge. Sue is in Oz also but I think Barbara has passed away

    By Joan Merchant (25/10/2012)

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