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I have just read the book, memories of Basildon, by Jim Reeve, and found it very good. Lots about Laindon and the locals, and it reminded me of things and people long forgotten, so many older residents of Laindon, don’t use the computer, which is such a shame,¬†we were such a close community, before Laindon High Road disappeared.

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  • Jemima That is why we have memory days, reunions and exhibitions. We are also prepared to arrange to provide a themed display to local groups if they request us to.

    By Ian Mott (09/01/2013)
  • I do agree that the comments people contribute do stir long forgotten memories, not always of any historical value but often trivial which remain with us us even after 70 or 80 years. The names on the recent map of High Rd., shops caused me to remember a couple of such memories. 

    That of Francis the greengrocer opposite the fountain had a flat bed horse drawn cart with a canopy which on Saturday nights would travel around Laindon with a couple of hurricane lamps hung from the canopy and as a boy I would look forward to his knocking on the door selling items such as dates and nuts as well as fruit. 

    Another was the name of Jeakins and occupied the premises just south of the Laindon Hotel.  The building lay well back from the High Rd., with a large area in front and when closed had one of the biggest German Shepherd dogs (almost like a wolf) I have ever seen tethered on a very long chain in front. One evening when I was returning from work there was panic in the High Rd., as this dog had broken loose and was running up and down with a length of chain trailing. I never knew the outcome, as I vacated the area as quickly as possible. 

    The human brain like a computer stores masses of seemingly useless information, but we are unable to control the input as it does not have an off switch, although I have heard that there are some who go through life never having found the on switch.

    By W.H.Diment (09/01/2013)

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