Forward To The Past. Laindon Before Plastic.

A poem.

I loved to go to the shops back then
Just a few pennies in my hand
With Dolly Mixtures in a white paper bag
I’d return feeling rich and grand.

Lady with a home-made cart,
Shopping for hubby’s dinner
Stops to discuss with others who pass,
Whether a chop or onions with liver?

A boy on a bike, with oil-can rides
To the store for pink paraffin,
To supplement the coal in the yard,
That keeps the home fires burning.

The milkman returns from his rounds
With dozens of bottles now empty
To be washed and reused another day,
But no one heeds this warning.
A material called plastic is on its way.
A danger to our world is dawning.

Many years down the line, our oceans suffer pollution.
The time has now come for everyone, to help provide a solution.
Sit up and take note, no more must we tote plastic bags non-biodegradable.
Use other wrap for the goods that we buy and the food we put on our table.

P.S. Fish and Chips tasted much better when wrapped in newspaper than a plastic container.

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  • I like your’s too Nina. Why invent something that cannot be got rid of?

    By Georgina Nottage nee Ellingford (18/02/2019)

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