1955-56 Schools County Football

This photograph of the 1955-56 Schools County Football Team appears to have been taken at Markham’s Chase. Can you help and put names to the members of the team.

Mr D. 

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  • I am the one top left on the end David Pottinger, I can remember most of them we lived in Dicken’s Drive and left the area in 1957 ? I have 2 brothers Terry & Dennis plus a sister Valerie we all went to Markhams Chase I have to say the school was a lot better than the one I went to in Manor Park. PS by the way we are still all alive although spread about the country.

    By David Pottinger (24/07/2018)
  • I remember Michael Newson, as I was was born (?) behind where he lived in Buckingham Road, but in Tyler Avenue.

    By Brian Baylis (21/03/2012)
  • I am the person to the right of Tony Collins Alan Shead

    By Alan Shead (01/12/2011)
  • My Grandad has this photo, must of missed this article when it was put up! Have added all names, he wrote them on the back of the photo when he was a boy. My grandad is last in bottom row, Alan Castle.

    By Emma Thomas (01/12/2011)
  • The last 2 in the front row are Dave Woodley and Alan Castle the 2 missing in the photo were my brother Alan Reynolds and Jimmy Newman I think they were on “Defaulters” at the time and so missed the game. I went with the Laindon Corinthians (youth centre side) to Heliganhause Germany on the first ever visit to cement the twinning of our 2 towns with Mr Angel in goal for us!

    By Trevor Reynolds (01/11/2011)
  • It is not Micheal Roache it is Jim Roache.

    Editor: thanks I have corrected the caption.

    By jim roache (30/10/2011)
  • I can add 3 names in the back row:- Second from left Ivan Gibson (he was in my class), then Michael Newson, (the Teacher maybe Mr Jones), then Michael Roache (his sister Kathleen was in my class).

    By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton) (15/10/2011)
  • Hi Gloria, after our emails today, I also think that the boy next to Anthony is Terry Venner. Andrea

    By Andrea (14/10/2011)
  • Ok Andrea we will go for it the boy next to Tony Collins is Terry Venner. 

    By Gloria Sewell (14/10/2011)
  • We should have said the one holding the football in the middle.

    Editor: Thanks Gloria, I will add the other names provided to Patsy by Ina Pike over the weekend.

    By Gloria Sewell (14/10/2011)
  • Hi, the last young man on the back row is my brother Fred Sewell, I would know his little quiff anywhere

    By Gloria Sewell (13/10/2011)
  • Gloria, According to the positions written on the team members Fred must have played on the left wing. I bet if you show him this photo he’ll soon name all the others. Pretty impressive shield they won that year and they all look so happy.

    By Richard Haines (13/10/2011)
  • I hope so Richard, I contacted him tonight about it. I am sure the young man 2nd on left front row looking at it with the black hair, wearing a watch and CF on his shirt is Tony Collins himself.

    By Gloria Sewell (13/10/2011)

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