Laindon Football Team

Do you recognise anybody in this photograph?

The team posed in the goal, believed to be at the ground at rear of the Laindon Hotel, do you know any of the players or the man in a coat behind the goal?  Can you recognise the location and give a date.  There were a number of Laindon football clubs, do you know which one this is and is it their standard strip.

Laindon Football Team

Lenny PenkBill NastryRonny EllerbyAlec NuthTom SawyerRon Hall
Reg Smith______?Terry Keeble or Henry MasonLes SheppardCharlie Lovewell

Can you provide the missing names?

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  • Is that not a very young Henry Mason front center?

    By Trevor Reynolds (25/08/2013)
  • Surely the location is NOT behind the Laindon Hotel! Taken in front of the goalmouth, the photo, at one end, would have revealed a high fence behind which there was the hotel garden then another fence and then the High Road. At the other goalmouth the view would have been open brush and waste land with bungalows in the distance. The various sheds/stables/store houses shown surely was not the view at either end of the Laindon Hotel ground. I recognise several of the players but the quartered design on the shirts I do not recognise and that must surely indicate the name of the team to anyone who can remember.

    By alan davies (24/04/2013)
  • I remember my dad talking about matches that were played at the Army camp in Old Church Hill. The huts in the background look similar to that used by the Army. This might be one of the matches he talked about

    By Barry Ellerby (24/04/2013)
  • My Dad, Harry Dallinger used to play at the rear of the Laindon Hotel. I remember watching and the changing rooms full of horse oil linament . The name Ronny Ellerby certainly rings a bell. Does anyone remember Dad playing?

    By Ivor Dallinger (23/04/2013)
  • My late dad was also involved with Laindon United, and raising funds for them. Many a game, so my brother, Martin Hale – next door neighbour – dad and I would have a penny on the corner. Every time a corner was taken, so whoever chose that corner, the others had to give a penny to.

    By Brian Baylis (06/01/2013)
  • How I wished my dad could see this photo on the site he would be so proud he is the goalkeeper.

    On returning from Palestine where he was posted during his national service with the Irish Guards he was approached by Leyton Orient, they wanted him to be their goalkeeper. As while in Palestine his reputation as a goalkeeper was very high in the camps, he turned them down, why I don’t know. 

    It’s strange I was only talking about this at Christmas.

    By Barry Ellerby (06/01/2013)
  • My dad, John Kennedy played for a Laindon team behind the Laindon Hotel in the late 50s/early 60s.

    By Janice Stokes (née Kennedy) (23/11/2011)
  • I must put the record straight Billy Whiskin is not in the photo, Billy is my cousin, sorry but I had to put the record straight. Les Whiskin

    Thanks Les I have corrected the caption for the photograph I am not a sportsman and rely on others to provide the names.

    Ian Mott Editor

    By Les Whiskin (28/05/2011)
  • Hi again, just remembered Reg’s surname it is Smith hope this completes the line up.

    Thanks Richard just the gent behind the goal to identify.

    By Richard Gordon (01/05/2011)
  • Ron Ellerby was the goal keeper. Front far right is Charlie Lovewell, on Alec’s left is Tom Sawyer. Front left to right Reg?? Billy Whiskin. I played for many years with all of them.

    Thanks Richard I hope I have got it right

    By Richard (Dick)Gordon (30/04/2011)
  • My farther was manager of Laindon United football club in the 1950s

    By Barbara Gordon nee (Pidoux) (30/04/2011)

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