Netball Girls

Laindon High Rd School

Laindon High Rd netball team 1955
Joe Morris
Netball Team from Laindon High Road School in the late 1950's

Back row 1955 photo.

1 Miss Sybil Thomas2 Jo Bowen3 Gloria Sewell4 Pat Day5 Miss Miriam Hope

Front row

6 Pamela Heath7 Maureen Wright8 Joan Archibald9 Shirley Newman


Back row late 50s photo.

1 June Newton2 Rosalind Regan3 Shirley Wood4 Maureen Starling5 Norma Fullerton

Front row

6 Miss Sybil Thomas7 Christine Riggs8 Valerie Tanswell9 Pat Brooker10 Hazel Cuttler11 Miss Miriam Hope

Editor:  Ann Rugg has asked me to add a photograph of another Laindon High Road School netball team, the photographs were taken on the same day but show pupils from different years.



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  • Hi. I was told about your web page and have looked at it. You have a photo of the 1955 Laindon High Road School netball team and my mum Pamela Heath is sitting on the left in the front row. I would be interested to speak to anyone who knew her from then as she has now passed away, Any memories would be nice to hear. Thank you. Gary Kerridge

    By Gary Kerridge. (19/10/2018)
  • Glad Jo was able to confirm that it was Maureen Starling (not Stirling) in picture two. I was lent the photo by Pat Brooker when she visited Laindon a few months ago and I did not notice the error until I saw David’s comment. I also noticed the error on Hazel Cuttler’s name which Colin has kindly put right for us. Sorry Colin but I have also now noticed that Sybil Thomas appears to have got married now she is on the site! She was still a single Miss when she was our P.E. mistress and I know when you next go into the editing you will correct this for us. Thanks Ann.

    By Ann Rugg (12/04/2014)
  • Hi David. I note you are back home in June. We will be back there in May/June also.

    By Eric Pasco (11/04/2014)
  • Thank you Jo 

    Hi Eric. I am home end June/July 

    To our photo No. 2 my two sisters are Maureen and June Starling.  Hazel Cutler lived next door and Christine Riggs lived across the road. Like Jo’s earlier comment I too remember most of these girls via my sisters.

    By David McNally (11/04/2014)
  • great photo’s but please clear my old memory.

    I have a step sister Maureen Starling and wondering if No. 4, 2nd picture is her, if yes it is the only photo I have of her at that age. So Nina and Jo thinking caps on.

    Maureen worked at Fortune of War cafe and married a Billericay guy named Barry, they now live at Maylandsea

    I would love to show her the photo when I come home in June this year

    By David McNally (10/04/2014)
  • Hi David.  I saw your note asking if that was Maureen in the 2nd picture and hopefully I am right in saying that it is.  Please say hi to her from me, though don’t know if she will remember me.

    I’m so glad these pictures are of some interest as you said it’s a shame we have lost contact with friends from school, though I do still keep up with some of them through Facebook/emails. 

    By Jo Morris (10/04/2014)
  • I still remember most of the girls from the 2nd photo how it brings back such lovely memories.

    It’s a shame we have lost contact with most of the girls, though still write to some through emails etc; and of course facebook. If any one would like to get in touch, please do as I am on facebook, just find my name Jo Morris.

    Or you can get my email address through this site. Hope perhaps I will hear from someone.  Jo Morris (Bowen)

    By Jo Morris (24/02/2014)
  • What a lovely looking bunch of girls!!!! Yes that’s me 2nd along from left to right in the back row and that’s Gloria Sewell next to me, Oh Happy days at Laindon High School. 

    I know most of the names of the other girls, some I must admit I can’t remember (old age on my part) so I will see if anyone else can remember who’s who. hope you enjoy seeing these pictures of the Good Old Days!!!!!

    By Jo Morris (20/06/2012)
  • This photo also appears in Gloria Sewell’s article “My Laindon My Story”, Teen Age Years. Beneath that article in comments, Ann Rugg named the team as follows: Back row from the left. Miss Thomas, Josie Bowen, Gloria Sewell, Pat Day, Miss Hope? Front row from the left. Pamela Heath, Maureen Wright, Joan Archibald, Shirley Newman.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (20/06/2012)

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