O'Neil family in Laindon

Hoping to contact any members of the O’Neil family specially relatives of Ron or Ronald O’Neil?

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  • Does my old classmate from Langdon Hills School, Josephine O’Neil, feature in this family?

    By Alan Davies (16/07/2017)
  • Hi Barry, I dont know if you’re still looking for info? My Grandad was Ronald Neil (originally O’Neil but the O was dropped) who lived in Laindon, and was in the Navy from around 1947-1956. He unfortunately died about 7 years ago, but his wife Vera (who goes by Pat) is still alive and living in Essex.  He also has 5 kids and lots of grandkids who are still all around Essex.

    What were you hoping to get in contact about? Maybe I can help. 

    I have also spoken to my Grandma (Ron’s wife), and she would be interested to speak to you too. Give me a call if you wish.

    Take care, Harry.

    Editor:  As it’s the Archive’s policy not to publish contact details on the website, Harry’s contact details have been passed onto Barry privately.

    By Harry Neil (15/07/2017)
  • Thanks Yvonne, no he is definitely an O’Neil although he did drop the O for a while and may have done so again.

    My Ronald was in the Royal Navy in the late 40’s early 50’s

    Thanks again


    By Barry Sowden (29/08/2014)
  • My mum’s maiden name was O’Neil. She had sisters Kathleen and Mary. My aunt Kathleen was married to Ron. He was not an O’Neil but just wondered if he was the one you were looking for.

    By Yvonne Edwards (25/08/2014)

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