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I’m looking for anyone who remembers a mid-seventies meeting up at the Crown Hotel and tea at the vicarage. Names come to mind of Jill and Sue Toomey, Connie Collier, Fred Merritt, Tommy Monk and Harry Cole? Cecil Savage my husband. Thelma Waters.

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  • Lovely to hear about Tommy Monk.  I knew his sisters Mary & Margaret quite well also his parents.   His father worked in the station booking office. They were of course our bell ringers at St Marys for our wedding in 1951.  Sadly my husband Cecil Savage died 1996.

    I feel I should know you Alan but I am older. I can’t remember you on the Chelmsford bus.  I will write a few war memories of school now I think I have got the hang if this computer age!

    By Thelma oliver (27/03/2014)
  • I know nothing of the mid seventies meeting at the Crown Hotel but  I recognise a few of the names mentioned.

    Jill Toomey attended Ursuline College in Brentwood and often traveled on the same bus to Billericay as I did on my way to Chelmsford Tech. Connie Collier was some relative of mine by marriage. She unfortunately died quite a few years ago. Tom Monk is an old friend. We are still in contact. Tom is a widower and lives in Witham.

    By alan davies (26/03/2014)
  • A few further notes of interest regarding Tom Monk. Growing up, Tom lived at 8, Railway Cottages. I had a very good friend, Jim Grindle who lived in Douglas Road. Tom courted Jim’s sister Jean and, after completing his two years of national service in the Royal Navy, they married. Initially Tom and Jean lived in Billericay and later bought a house in Witham.

    Tom was a campanologist at St Mary’s, Langdon Hills as was his father before him. Tom continued this activity after moving to Witham. To this day he rings bells at the same Witham church that Dorothy L Sayers attended and where she set her Lord Peter Wimsey mystery “The Nine Tailors.” The house where Sayers’ lived is close by complete with blue emblem on the front wall indicating that she lived there.

    Tom, now a widower (Jean having sadly died over ten years ago) continues to live in the same house in Witham just a few steps from the church.

    By alan davies (26/03/2014)

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