Manor Mission Brownies Late Fifties.

This Brownie pack used to meet at the Manor Mission. Can anyone add to the following names?

Far left, standing:  Mary Baker – behind her: Dawn Willitts and June Smith.  Far right, standing – Joan Archibald.
Sitting, 1st on left, possibly Vanessa Archibald, 3rd from left.  Lorna Smith – next but one to her (in hair band) Sheila Spooner.  Just behind Sheila in white dress, Joy Robinson.

Manor Mission Brownie Pack late Fifties.
Vivienne Salmon

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  • Well that was a well timed photograph addition thank you Nina Humphrey and Vivienne Salmon. The star here for me (obviously) is Mary Baker at the back left, we were only discussing her last week on here. This is typical Mary, full uniform on, looking sharp and well turned out. Mary I think was one of the eldest in our class, probably born in Autumn 1946. Most of the others I don’t recognise, funny how the uniformed ones are grouped at the back whilst the others, maybe yet to get their full kit or possibly not being able to afford it are down the front. Wonderful photos like this are what this Laindon site is all about, helping us to remember previous friends from back in the day.

    By Richard Haines (04/02/2017)
  • The ones at the front look far too young to be Brownies as the joining age was (and still is) 8. I would think this might be a church parade, with perhaps the Sunday school girls joining the photo.

    Editor.  Brownies joined a year younger than Cubs.  My son joined the Cubs when he was 8, my daughter joined Brownies when she was 7. 

    By Paul Stickland (04/02/2017)
  • Quite right, my mistake. Although many of them look younger than 7.

    By Paul Stickland (04/02/2017)

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