Laindon Park Country Dancing (2)

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The above photo was received by Valerie Scurlock (née Newman) from David Hodgson, and Valerie kindly submitted it for publishing on the Archive.  It may have been taken on the same day as the other Laindon Park County Dance photo previously published on this website. (Certainly the same gingham outfits).  It’s thought to have taken place in 1957 on the playing field of Markham’s Chase School – the building on the left – probably a classroom.  Also the white stripe on the grass in front of the children – probably the running track.

Below are the names of some of those in the photo.  Can anyone provide the names of the others?

Top row of teachers: Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Hughes, Mr Eric Rand


Back row: Keith English, Johnny Wilson, ——-, ——–, David Newman, ——– David Hodgson, ——,——-,Ian Wakefield,Howard Davies,——,——-.

Middle row.: —–,—–,Wendy Robertson, Janet Smithers, ——,—–,Jaqui Shepherd, ——,——

Front Row: Linda Brazier, Christine McCarthy, Janice Brown, Carol Hudson, ——-, Pat Barnard.

Johnny Wilson was a son of Mr Wilson, Headmaster of Laindon Park School, his mother was also a teacher at the school and David Hodgson’s mother was also a teacher there.  It is thought that Johnny Wilson was about two years older than David Newman and David Hodgson, so that gives an idea of the ages.

Laindon Park Country Dance Group
Valerie Scurlock and David Hodgson

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  • One looks like my mother.

    By Jacqueline Fenton-Wilde (01/01/2018)
  • Wendy Robertson is to my left, Linda Brazier is to the left of Christine McArthy and Janice Brown to her right and Pat Barnard is at the right hand side of the row. Two boys standing in front of Mr Rand are Ian Wakefield and Howard Davies.

    By Jan Wright nee Smithers (21/11/2016)
  • Fabulous picture. I believe the boy extreme back left next to Johnny Wilson is my old friend Keith English. Wonderful to see Mrs E Hodgson looking just as I remember her, she was a wonderful person, as was Mr Rand, a brilliant teacher. Jacqui Sheppard leaning forward to get nearer the camera and Carol Hudson the cutest little thing in the class.

    By Richard Haines (21/11/2016)
  • The teacher between Mrs Hodgson and Mr Rand is Mrs Hughes.

    By Bob Connell (20/11/2015)

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