Langdon Hills Primary ( 7 of 10)

1961 School Photograph

25 Stephen Davies26 Steve Clark27 Arthur Eggleton28 Alan Carter
29 Robert Cook30 ______?31 Clifford Houghton32 Jeffrey Bellingham
33 Christopher Player34 Dougy Billington35 William Nicholls36 ______?
37 Philip Smith38 Ian Irving39 Robin Sarchet40 Dennis Chaplin
41 Barry Haegar
Langdon Hills Primary school class photos of 1961 (7 of 10)

Langdon Hills Primary school class photos of 1961 (7 of 10)

01 Charlie Simmonds02 Robert Cooke03 Philip Waterson04 ______?
05 David Moore06 David Edhouse07 Douglas Cole08 Mrs Bellamy
09 Mrs F Burr10 Mrs Elsie Carter11 Mrs Carter12 Mrs Brenda Ward (Vanda’s mother)
13 Mrs Muriel Cordwell14 Roy Ginbey15 Phillip Sargeant16 David Esterbrook
17 Paul Sargeant18 Alan Eggleton19 Peter Jackson20 ______?
21 Jimmy Hood22 Terry Pilcher23 Christopher Fordham24 Peter Martin


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  • No. 23 is Christopher Fordham, my brother.

    By Mrs Frieda Johnstone (21/01/2020)
  • No. 8 is Mrs Bellamy, one of the dinner ladies.

    By jim gibson (05/12/2015)
  • No. 35 is William Nicholls, which is me… I am pretty certain that No. 34 is Dougy Billington as I used to get him to scrump apples on the way home from school.

    By William Nicholls (09/08/2015)
  • Ok, just spoken to my brother Derek and he assures me that No. 19 is Peter Jackson.

    By Graham Harrison (24/07/2015)
  • No.19 isn’t D.H…. my big bro skived off school that day so it can’t possibly be him!

    By Graham Harrison (19/07/2015)
  • No. 12 – Mrs Brenda Ward (Vanda’s mother). This name supplied by Judith Howgego née Dutnall.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (26/05/2015)
  • No. 29 Robert Cook.

    By Susan Catton (12/05/2015)
  • No 39 is Robin Sarchet

    By Julia Rawlings (07/09/2014)
  • No. 3 is my younger brother Philip Waterson – I am no 16 on page 3 – great to see everyone again!  Well done!

    By Judith Spells nee Waterson (08/06/2014)
  • NO 23 I think is Christopher Fordham

    By Les Goodwin (16/09/2013)
  • Remembered,38,Ian Irving

    By Elizabeth Willetts née Wackett (05/08/2013)
  • 37 Philip Smith, 38 Ian ?

    By Elizabeth Willetts née Wackett (04/08/2013)
  • If I remember rightly number 3 is Philip Green?

    By Cheryl Salmon née Cleverley (09/06/2013)
  • Number 31 is Clifford Houghton.

    By Barry Ellerby (01/05/2013)
  • No 11 is Mrs Carter. She had three children, David, Ruth and Margaret. Strange there should be two Mrs Carters in the photo.

    By Mary Cole (25/04/2013)
  • Number 27 is Arthur Eggleton.  We were in the same class and I’m not in the photo, probably because I was in hospital having an eye operation. 

    Last year, having moved to Dumfriesshire in 2010, I was out cycling with a group from Annan when a fella rides up alongside, asks me where I was from…….turns out it was Arthur, still recognisable as the tousled haired lad I remembered, hadn’t seen him for 50 years yet the memory of an energetic kid, apparently always smiling still remains; still energetic, cycling, football, tennis, cricket, skiing, motorcycling, fishing, shooting, family man, doesn’t let the grass grow!

    By Martin Richardson (19/04/2013)
  • 26 Steve Clark 2 Robert Cooke 6 David Edhouse 7 Douglas Cole

    By Gary Stolworthy (12/04/2013)
  • No 10 is Mrs Elsie Carter and no 28 is her son, Alan Carter. No 13 is Mrs Muriel Cordwell who was married to Henry Cordwell who ran the Scouts for many years

    By Cherry Waters (née Rand) (02/03/2013)
  • 32 = Jeffrey Bellingham 25 = Stephen Davies, [or Steven Davis] 24 = Peter Martin

    By Larue (13/02/2013)
  • No.5 is David Moore. No.16 is David Esterbrook. No.22 is Terry Pilcher.

    By Martin Robinson (29/01/2013)
  • 14 Roy Ginbey? 15 Phillip Sargeant? 17 Paul Sargeant? 18 Alan Eggleton 19 Derek Harrison? 21 Jimmy Hood?

    By Paul Sargeant (22/12/2012)
  • No 9 is Mrs F. Burr

    By Ellen English née Burr (19/12/2012)
  • 33 – Christopher Player 41 – Barry Haegar

    By Judy Webb (Née Ranson) (18/12/2012)
  • 1 is Charlie Simmonds & 6 is David Easterbrook (I think)

    By Judy Webb (Née Ranson) (18/12/2012)

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