Langdon Hills Primary ( 3 of 10)

1961 School Photograph

21 Joan Footer22 Judith Watson? Carol Brockwell ?23 Sheila Long24 ______?
25 Vanda Ward26 Niki Garson27 Susan Thomas/Serena Carter28 Wendy Henbest?
29 ______?30 Christine Ginbey31 ______?32 Hazel Fletcher
33 Pauline Cromer34 Cheryl Cleverly35 Lynn Davis36 Janice Deller
37 ______?38 Valerie Francis39 ______?40 Janet Bellingham
Langdon Hills Primary school class photos of 1961 (3 of 10)

Langdon Hills Primary school class photos of 1961 (3 of 10)

01 Pauline Lagden02 Heather Hitchman03 Susan Mitchell04 Elizabeth Jeffrey
05 Jean Simmonds06 Susan Davis07 Ann Tickner08 Christine Bettell
09 Christine Batchford10 Linda Maitland11 Helen Koppitt12 Gay/Gabrielle Clarke/Karla Flentge
13 Joy Reece14 Christine Ladd15 Hazel Shirley16 Judith Waterson
17 Judith Wright18 Jennifer House19 Janet Davis.20 ______?


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  • No. 7 – Ann Tickner.  No. 12 – Gabrielle Clarke.  No 27. Serena Carter.  These names were supplied by Judith Howgego née Dutnall.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (26/05/2015)
  • If my memory is working No. 9 Christine Batchford, No. 10 Linda Maitland (who sadly died), No. 7 Anne ? Tinker.

    By Susan Catton nee Davis (12/05/2015)
  • No. 12 is Gabrielle Clarke (Gay Clarke) & nobody else !!

    By Gary Stolworthy (15/01/2015)
  • I believe No. 19 is Janet Davis.

    By Martin Robinson (15/01/2015)
  • No 12 is Gay Clarke my cousin

    By Terry nee St George (14/07/2014)
  • No.15 is Hazel Shirley.

    By Judith Spells nee Waterson (09/06/2014)
  • Page 2 Number 29 Is Marie Francis.

    Page 3 Number 38 is Valerie Francis.

    Many thanks

    By Valerie Rose (12/02/2014)
  • No 12 is Karla Flentge sister of Barbara who was in my year

    By Joan Goodfellow née Merchant née white (04/02/2014)
  • That is correct that 26 is Niki Garson and 25 is Vanda Ward

    By Suki Garson (11/11/2013)
  • No 22 is Carol Brockwell

    By Corinne Wheeler (née Hursk) (24/09/2013)
  • Is 26 Nikki Garson?

    By Annette Terry (20/09/2013)
  • I believe that the delightful lass ’40 Janet Bellamy’, is in fact Janet Bellingham, who along with her brother Jeffrey, [who is elsewhere in this picture] I came to know, a few years later, in 1966/7

    By larue (13/02/2013)
  • No.16 is Judith Waterson. No.4 is Elizabeth Jeffrey. And I previously stated that 22 was Judith Watson, but I now believe that to be incorrect. Sorry.

    By Martin Robinson (31/01/2013)
  • And No.17 is Judith Wright.

    By Martin Robinson (31/01/2013)
  • No.22 is Judith Watson, No.23 is Sheila Long, No.27 Susan Thomas, No.32 is Hazel Fletcher. No.18 is Jennifer House.

    By Martin Robinson (29/01/2013)
  • 21. Is Joan Footer (Now Lang)

    By Sue Rivers (07/01/2013)
  • 1 is Pauline Lagden,  2 is Heather Hitchman,  3 is Susan Mitchell,  4 is Elizabeth Jeffrey,  5 is Jean Simmonds,  6 is Susan Davis,  8 is Christine Bettell,  11 is Helen Koppitt,  12 is Gay Clark,  13 is Joy Reece,  14 is Christine Ladd,  30 is Christine Ginbey,34 – Cheryl Cleverly, 35 – Lynn Davis, 36 is Janice Deller, 40 – Janet Bellamy

    By Judy Webb (Née Ranson) (18/12/2012)

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