Langdon Hills Annual London trip for Year Seven

30th May 1956

Ellen English née Burr

Every year the top class of the juniors had a trip to London.The year that I went was 1956.In the playground before we left there were some photos taken by those lucky enough to have a camera.There was a lot of excitement as trips to London were very much a special event.

We went to the Houses of Parliament I found it quite interesting.

The above photo shows from left to right back row,

Sally Weston, Gloria Pomeroy, Brenda Boret, Mary Warren.

The two at the front are, Jessie Hernandez on the left and me Ellen Burr on the right.

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  • Hi Valerie, Yes Valerie was a popular name then, the other four were Valerie Tiller, Valerie Brooker, Valerie Peall and Valerie Sibbons. That’s if my memory serves me right.
    A few of our school friends still live local and we meet at the Archive meetings every month in the library, Jessie Hernandez, Norman Styles, Stephen Barlow, Tony Wood and myself Ellen. We have had visits from other friends occasionally, Joan Sarfas always tries to get to the annual meeting in March.

    It was lovely to see your comment on the site, maybe one day you will make it to a meeting, it is great fun.

    By Ellen English Nee Burr (12/08/2019)
  • Great to recognise all the faces and names from the past
    I’m one of the 5 Valerie’s Valerie Dodd(Lovell) I remember so many of you all, I wish I was nearer to be able to meet up but have lived in Devon for 48 years.

    By Valerie Dodd (Lovell) (10/08/2019)
  • I think Mary Warren is relatied to my grandad, James Alfred Warren?

    By Ronnie (09/04/2013)
  • Hi Sally, How lovely to see your name appear on the site. I think we had wonderful friends at Langdon Hills Primary. Do you remember we had five Valeries, there was Sibbons, Brooker, Peall, Lovell and I think the other one was Tiller.  Alver Ellul was at one of the get togethers just before Christmas it was great to catch up with our memories. Alver mentioned going to London Airport on the same trip, I do remember going there but I had not remembered it was on the same day. Alver mentions he has some photos of the trip, don’t know if they are just of aircraft or school friends, if they are of friends hopefully he will put them on the site, knowing boys they are probably aircraft. If Alver is at the next get together I will ask him. I did bump into Valerie Sibbons in our local Tesco a few months back, and I have seen Sandra Doubleday at a few events as we have relatives in common but we are not directly related. Joan Sarfras was also at the gathering for the first year of the site, that was back in April. Hope you are keeping well and get that memory going to see if you have any more to add and share.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (12/03/2013)
  • What a lovely photo and what memories. You are right, it was our only school trip and didn’t we enjoy it! I remember you all well and am still in contact with Valerie Sibbons and Sandra Doubleday and Victor (he is now known as Bob) Hurley who are married.

    By Sally Weston (11/03/2013)
  • We also went to London Airport on that trip, I’ve still got some photos. It was the only school trip we went on, all the time we were there.

    By Alver Ellul (13/06/2012)
  • Hi Alver, I remember the London Airport trip too. I hadn’t realised it was at the same time, but after straining the old grey cells, realised it must have been. I know my dad lent me his camera, and I got a couple of good shots of the luggage rack inside the coach!! I also had cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, which were warm and bent out of all recognition when I came to eat them. Hope you are well.

    By Joan Baterip (13/06/2012)
  • Hi Joan, thank you for your comment, Langdon Hills was a very special school. Valerie Lovell was the eldest, Sept 4th I was next Sept 6th and Sandra Doubleday was the day after, Sept 7th, Jessie was the youngest by a whole 51 weeks, her birthday was 31st Aug. 

    I still see Jessie occasionally, we are both still in Laindon. I was born in Langdon Hills but we were compulsory purchased. I also remeber skating with you down Laindon Link before it was opened to traffic. I can remember most of the other pupils we were at school with. Lovely to know you remember the same era, Kind Regards.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (26/12/2011)
  • What an amazing photo, I remember that trip very well, we were taken on a tour of the houses of parliament. If I recall correctly, Jessie was the youngest in our class and Ellen was the oldest, whenever I remember them, I think of them together. I remember lending Sally Weston my 1950 Preview annual, and just a while back I got in touch with her through friends reunited, and she said she still has my book !! the longest lend ever !! Mary Warren came to my 21st birthday get together what lovely memories this photo has bought back, thank you Ellen. Kind regards.

    By Joan Baterip (22/12/2011)

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