Markhams Chase School Photos

From 1953--1960

Some time ago I saw Miss Pike and we had a happy time chatting about the old school. Miss Ina Pike started her career at Markhams Chase School in 1952, her first post after leaving teachers training college. She kindly offered me her collection of old school photographs she had of the various celebrations, sports events & music Festivals throughout the years at the school. Although some of the pictures are also in various articles elsewhere on our the site I thought by keeping this group together in the same context it would be easier to compare the children year by year as they developed.

Fortunately Miss  Pike was very organised & most pictures were dated with all the children’s names on the reverse. Where the names are not available you can all have another great game of  guessing who all those innocent little faces belong to.

We hope many of you old Laindoners will enjoy seeing themselves,relations & friends once again from those far off “Happy School Days”

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______Pat TylerRobin Cousin ______
______George Bailey
Terry VennerCarol Scholls
Christine Seager______
Anthony CollinsJennifer Wood
Dawn Willats_______Sylvia Bishop______

Teacher Miss Ina Pike
 Back Row
 1 Ann Pope 2 Pam Cox 3 _________?4 _________?
Front Row
 5 Valerie Sargent 6 Jillean Porter 7 Jane Chapman

Back Row
 1 __________? 2 Valerie Sargent 3 Dorothy Watson. 4 Jillean Porter 5 Sandra Johnson
Front Row
 6 __________? 7 Brenda Fowles 8 Sheila Williams 9 __________?10 Sue Cowell11 Linda Cowell

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  • The Black and White Minstrel Show was published on April 9th 1960 by Basildon Standard Still have the cutting out of the newspaper. I was in the front left hand corner looking up.

    By Stephen Drewer (15/05/2021)
  • 1953 Coronation Maypole Dance.  The good looking chappie on the right is non other than myself David Pottinger also in the football team 55/56 I am 1st on the left in the back row, good memories.

    By David E Pottinger (01/10/2017)
  • Sandra Honey was in my year, starting in 1958. I believe she was in my class in the first year 58-59 with Mr Rosen. She was an attractive girl with very dark hair. Linda Honey is named on the photo 57-58 so must have been the same age.

    Editor: Sandra Honey was born 1947 her sister Linda Honey was born 1949.  There are a mistake or two amongst the hand written names accompanying the photos. We believe the girl in the photo is Sandra.

    By Richard Haines (27/09/2017)
  • Nina, the explanation about Linda Honey fits with her being in the 1960 Markhams Chase choir photo above. She would have joined LHR in September 1960 along with others I knew like Linda Callow and Dorothy Hollington. As others have stated, Sandra Honey is in the 1958 LHR photo and was born in 1947 as were most of our year. Good to see my friend Vanessa Crew in the photos and to read her little message, hope you are well.

    By Richard Haines (27/09/2017)
  • Just realised/recognised Valerie Sargent in a couple of these photos. I knew both her and her younger sister Rosalind, not particularly well, but I do remember them well as they both grew into extremely attractive young ladies. Nice to see the pictures and have the memories rekindled. Thanks.

    By Donald Joy (27/09/2017)
  • Hi Donald Joy. Linda Honey and Sandra Honey are sisters.

    By Julie Rothwell (26/09/2017)
  • Netball team 1959.  No. 7 Brenda Fowles? No. 8 Sheila Williams.

    Netball Team 1958? I think this would actually be a 1960 team as all of these girls were 1 year below most of the girls in the 1959 team.

    By Eric Pasco (17/09/2017)
  • Hi, somebody has put my name on a photo, sorry this is not me.

    By Jeff Footer (17/09/2017)
  • 1957-58 Netball Team; between Vanessa and Josie Beasley is Pat Kavanagh. Choir 1957; between Penny Oliver and Sandra Harris is Pamela Callow. Netball Team 1959, number 3 at back is Dorothy Watson.

    By Richard Haines (16/09/2017)
  • Netball team 1959, No.10 is Sue Cowell.

    By Colin Ferrier (16/09/2017)
  • I’d like to query the identity of Linda Honey, photo “Netball team 1957/58”. This looks identical to a classmate/friend of mine at LHR school 1958/62 Sandra Honey. Was she a sister or twin maybe?

    Editor:  You may be right Donald, but as her name is handwritten below the photo, an amendment is not possible.

    By Donald Joy (16/09/2017)
  • Patsy, thanks for getting all these photos and their handwritten names for us so we can see them as one group. I went to Laindon Park 57-58 so missed out on Markhams Chase. However, many of those shown on these photos went to LHR afterwards and were known to me. They have become legends in their own right. Brilliant and happy days, thanks again.

    By Richard Haines (16/09/2017)
  • 1957-1958 Netball Team, back row next to Miss Pike is Vanessa Crew.

    By Vanessa Crew (15/09/2017)
  • Netball team 1960, Ann Pope looks very much the same as number 1 in photo Netball team 1958. Is this any help?

    Editor:  Thank you Donald.  A few more names have been added.

    By Donald Joy (15/09/2017)

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