Markhams Chase Teachers 1956

An old cutting from the local paper. We know which one is Janet Duke, but name the others please?

Markham's Chase Teachers
Ina Pike
Markham's Chase Teachers
Ina Pike

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  • Back row fourth from right not third, I am sure is Mr P,L Jones as he was my teacher,Mr Reese Jones was the other Mr Jones in the Fourth year at that time but I can not remember his face.I hope I am right !!

    By Judith Rothwell nee Drewer. (11/03/2012)
  • I remember Miss Luke, I was fascinated because it was so rare to see a coloured person in Laindon. I began in Mrs Attenboroughs class in 1955.

    By DAPHNE ROWBOTHAM (21/11/2011)
  • Hi Eric, yes, I remember now it was Essex Road. I was at Markham’s Chase with Beryl so we were only 10 or 11 when we were friends. So that would have made you only 4 or 5. I was married in 1961 (just had our 50th Wedding Anniversary) and we nearly emigrated in 1964 with our young family to Australia on the £10 passage. We backed out at the last moment because of leaving family behind. Often wonder what could have happened.

    By June Higgs (02/09/2011)
  • Hi June, Yes Beryl is my sister but we lived in Essex Rd which ran from the High Rd up to Sandringham Rd. Beryl is 6 years older than me so maybe I missed out on these parties because I do not recall them. Beryl still lives in Laindon, however I came to Australia in 1966.

    By Eric Pasco (31/08/2011)
  • Hello Eric, I believe you have an elder sister called Beryl who was a friend of mine. If so, you lived in Sandringham Avenue and I can remember your Mum throwing wonderful birthday parties with exciting games many of which I used in later years for my own children’s parties much to their delight.

    By June Higgs (Ferguson) (29/08/2011)
  • My teachers through Markham’s Chase were: Miss Hutchens, Mrs Wallace nee Hutchens, Mr Wallace, Mrs Last, Mr Godber. I also remember a teacher Miss Luke who was Kenyan and once brought in a model of her village in Kenya, she may have been a trainee not sure. Does anyone else reall her??

    By Eric Pasco (28/08/2011)
  • Oh never mind Ann I will have to put on my thinking cap again lots of memories just need to unjuggle them you have a good memorie for faces well done.

    My brother and I used to cut through Kings Rd to go to Little Bursted church for conkers. 

    Do you remember the old story that there was a tunnel under there that went to St Nicolas in Laindon I wonder how true that was.

    I would love to see the netball photo I used to love that at school.

    Ann I know I know you, your name is so familiar perhaps some photos when they go on will help. I unfortunately haven’t got many old photos as we didn’t own a camera, luckily my aunts have given me some to help my articles. Thanks for your reply lots more memories for me regards Gloria

    By Gloria Sewell (18/08/2011)
  • No sorry Gloria I think you must be confusing me with some one else as I was never that keen on horses and in our High Road days I lived over the A.127 in King’s Road having been moved on by the advancing new town from Edgware Drive (near Markhams Chase school). I have a photo of you in the High Road netball team and will get it on site soon. I also have some Markhams Chase photos of us all in reading groups etc and think we were actually in the same class from day one. I also started in Miss.Whitley’s class (remember the rocking horse in that first class?) and recollect the names you mentioned earlier with Arthur Cudbill also springing to mind being one of the first day boys that were a bit upset. I remember being fine on my first day having only to walk up Brentford Avenue at the side of the school past Mr.Davey’s bungalow to get to school. I think I invited him home for tea in the first week!!! I think Mum talked me out of that though. Nice as he was he was not into visiting!!! I got a lot of my memories jogged by the fact that I married John Rugg (Miss.Dukes secretary) in 1963. His mum was still at the school then and we knew and kept in touch over the years with Ina Pike Dick Devine Mrs Attenborough Miss Whitley and of course Janet Duke. John in fact handled both Miss Dukes and Miss Whitleys affairs until the day they died as being an accountant he was able to help them in old age with care home life. They both often commented on the fact that all they taught him early on came in handy later for them!!! Look forward to further contact with you soon. Ann.

    By Ann Rugg nee Bullimore (16/08/2011)
  • Ann Bullimore are you the same Ann that lived at the bottom of King Edward Rd and had a great passion for horses, if you are you are the girl that taught me how to draw a horses head, I do hope you are.

    What wonderful memories you all have for faces I can recall the names but no good at faces one name mentioned is miss Aires but sorry dont know which one .

    By Gloria Sewell (10/08/2011)
  • Brilliant, between us we have almost completed the jigsaw puzzle and named them all (baring a couple of mistakes on my part). I have a clearer copy of this photo that appeared in the local paper, which dates it at 1958. That would make sense as my Uncle Richard Devine and my form teacher Mrs Sparey both left the school in 1957, and that explains why neither appear in the photo. Nina Burton (now Humphrey)

    I have the original provided by Ina Pike that I will be putting on the site in the next couple of days Editor

    By Nina Humphrey (04/08/2011)
  • Back row from right. Mr Stanley, Miss Broom (daughter of district Nurse Broom), Mr Jones?, Mr Finnegan?, Mr Wallace and Miss Hutchins (They got married). Unsure of the others. Front row from right. One of the first two ladies might be Mrs Sparey. Third from right, Miss Pike, then Miss Duke, Miss Whitley, Miss Mayhew, unsure of next two ladies but Mrs Rugg, the school secretary is on far left. My Uncle, Richard Devine was a teacher at the school until 1957. I am unsure why he isn’t in the photo. Other teachers I remember were Mrs Attenborough, Miss Cock, Miss Button and Miss Balls. Midday assistants were Mrs Temple and Mrs Randle. When Mr Finnegan worked at the school, we were asked not to sing the following rhyme because it might embarrass him:- There was an old man named Michael Finnegan He had whiskers on his chin again Along came the wind and blew them in again Poor old Michael Finnegan….Begin again. I remember the school janitor (I’m not sure of his name – it may have been Mr Davey) who used to amuse us in assembly by holding onto the side of the stage and then lifting his body up so that his legs were out sideways in the air as if levitating.

    By Nina Burton (now Humphrey) (02/08/2011)
  • Back row left to right Mr.Godber Miss Allen Miss Wheatcroft Mr Foster Mrs Wallace nee Hutchings Mr Wallace Mr David Jones Mr Peter Jones Miss Broom Mr Stanley Front row left to right Mrs Rugg (secretary) Mrs Last (secretary) Brenda? Miss Crossman Miss Whitley Miss Duke (head) Miss Geddes? Miss Pike Miss Shread Mrs Attenborough

    By Ann Rugg nee Bullimore (02/08/2011)
  • Far right back row is Mr. Stanley, and I believe the second from left front is Miss Last. I have a copy of this same photo.

    By Brian Baylis (01/08/2011)

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