Laindon High Road School 1956 (2 of 11)

The 1956 photograph

1 Valerie Skudder2 Josie Hunt3 Christine Austin ?4
5 Rosa Strickland ?6 Margaret’/Marilyn Harsent?7 Gillian English ?8
9 Margaret Downs10 Jackie Nightingale?Pauline Jellows?11 Julie Newson12 Michael Taylor?
13 Janet Pope14 Carol Little?1516
1718 Dorothy Matthews19 Leslie Webb20
2122 Colin Hussey23 Norman Clifford Muncey24 Michael Lawrence
252627 Ernest
(Tiger) Bowen
28 Dave Coleman
29 Rodger Burrough30 Colin Shipton31 John Sloper32 Sylvia Saunders
LHR 1956 - 2 of 11

LHR 1956 – 2 of 11

33 Valerie Tanswell34 Valerie Seeley35 Margaret Hoare36 Brenda Cauffield?
37 Wendy Fox38 Isabel Beaney39 Wendy Smith40 Wendy Fox
41 Gloria Negus42 Janet Rawley43 Wendy Griffiths44 Gladys Quinton
45 Frances Winkworth4647 Michael Eckl48 Lionel Moorcroft
49 Keith Gibb?50 Derek Gordon51 Chris Jeakins52

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  • Can confirm no 49 is Keith Gibb.

    By Alyson (01/06/2019)
  • I have a feeling hat 49 is my dad Keith Gibb. Seeing him today will confirm. Nice job guys.

    By Alyson Gibb (29/05/2019)
  • Where are they now?  Jackie Nightingale lives in South Green, Billericay, her brother David lives in Thailand, married to a local girl, hence living where he does.

    By Robert Springate (01/02/2017)
  • No. 6 – Marilyn? (Harsent)

    By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell) (26/11/2016)
  • No. 32 is my Mum (Sylvia Saunders).  No. 33 was her cousin Valerie Tanswell already named.

    By Colin Gray (21/03/2016)
  • No. 37 is Wendy Fox (now Liddle). Still a friend of mine.

    By Isabel Smith (nee Beaney) (21/01/2015)
  • No. 38 Isabel Beaney – can you correct the spelling please?

    By Isabel Smith (14/06/2014)
  • To whom it may concern it is chrismas day 2013 and to my best belief no 23 in the picture above is my brother Norman Clifford Muncey he has an older brother John Gorden Muncey.

    I also remember several of the names and faces in the photo


    By David Muncey (25/12/2013)
  • No 30 on this page i would confirm that it is Colin Shipton.

    By David Muncey (25/12/2013)
  • No 31 this page shoul read John Sloper


    By David Muncey (25/12/2013)
  • I can confirm 48 is Lionel Moorcroft. Does anyone know where he is now? We used to fly model aircraft together.

    By Trevor Collison (20/08/2013)
  • 30 – Is Colin Shipton who I still bump into from time to time – although at school it was his fist.

    By Mike Smith (17/12/2012)
  • no. 47 Michael Eckl

    By Carol Brennan née Hudson (06/07/2012)
  • No. 13 Is Janet Pope   No. 39 Wendy Smith   No. 41  Gloria Negus    No.43  Wendy Griffiths   No. 44 Gladys Quinton  and  No. 45 Frances  Winkworth. The girls are near me and were in my class at school.

    By Janet Rawley (12/05/2012)
  • No: 35 We think is Margaret Hoare

    By Roy Webster (11/04/2012)
  • Checked with Fred Penson who says Michael Lawrence is definitely Number 24 in Picture 2 and Owen Jones is Number 24 in picture number 1, (he was friends with Owen and wife).

    By (CH) Andrea (06/04/2012)
  • Jackie and Janet Nightingale is the same person – she didn’t mind being called either. Her older sister was Marilyn and her brother was David. Re number 6, is that the Harsent girl? And number 23, could that be a lad called Gordon Muncey?

    By (CH) Andrea (05/04/2012)
  • Could 14 be a girl called Carol Little?

    By Andrea (05/04/2012)
  • No 38 is myself Isabel Beaney and next to me no 40 is Wendy Fox [now Liddle]. we are still in contact. I know quite a few others when I have time to go through the pic.

    By Isabel Smith [nee Beaney] (04/04/2012)
  • No.10 is Pauline Jellows Pauline’s father had a small hardware shop in the High Road – we called it the oil shop as I had to do errands there to buy paraffin. No. 12 Michael Taylor ?? No. 24 is definitely Owen Jones.

    No. 1 is Valerie Skudder who is sitting next to Josie Hunt.

    By Ann Dolton (14/02/2012)
  • I think 38 is Isobel Beany, can anyone confirm?

    By Steve White (09/02/2012)
  • No 28 is me Dave Coleman and No 29 Rodger Burroughs

    By Dave Coleman (03/02/2012)
  • No 10 Is JACKIE Nightingale not Janet who is the older sister

    By Christine Hutchings (24/01/2012)
  • Just to say, Jackie Nightingale’s older sister was Marilyn

    By Linda Clarke (24/01/2012)
  • I think that number 36 is Brenda Cauffield not sure if thats how its spelt but I went dancing with her.

    By Jean Rowe(Pattle) (31/12/2011)
  • Just a point of interest. Derek Gordon married my friend and classmate Linda Bartley. Both sadly died a few years ago.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (30/12/2011)
  • No 50 is Derek Gordon

    By Christine Hutchings (27/12/2011)
  • Number 31 is John Sloper.

    By Micky Marsdon (22/12/2011)
  • Could 48 be Lionel Moorcroft?

    By Ken Page (21/12/2011)
  • 33 Valerie Tanswell

    By Albert Bedford (19/12/2011)
  • 19 is Leslie Webb

    By Ken Page (18/12/2011)
  • Gloria; not sure about that being Rosa – she had very light blonde, longer hair – but – hopefully she or her brother Paul will read this and confirm? He has been emailing so I know Rosa is still local. It would be good if they came forward with some of their local memories.

    By Andrea (18/12/2011)
  • Number 6 – Margaret ?

    By Andrea (17/12/2011)
  • Page 2 18 is Dorothy Matthews and 42 is Janet Rawley

    By Ann Rugg (17/12/2011)
  • Yes Andrea, sure that is Colin Hussy (had a bit of a crush on him). Andrea no.5 Rosa strickland ?????

    By Gloria Sewell (17/12/2011)
  • No.31 is one of the Sloper brothers but not Peter, I think that is Peters older brother, Peter is in photo on page 9, No. 52.

    By Eddie Lewis (16/12/2011)
  • Hi Gloria, really think that is Christine Austin and yes, Shirley Newman was found on another page (though that girl is very similar).

    How about number 22 – could that be Colin (?) Hussey

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (16/12/2011)
  • Sorry Andrea, I know 33, can you help? Has Shirley Newman been found, could this be her. Also was 3 Christine Arthey not Austin, not sure?

    No 51 Chris Jeakins

    By Gloria Sewell (15/12/2011)
  • 11. Julie Newson, 33 Ann Bullymore? 27 Earnest Bowen (Tiger), 31 Peter Sloper?  & 30 Phillip Charsley?

    By Gloria Sewell (14/12/2011)
  • No. 33 Isn’t Ann Bullimore, she has already been found on Page 10. No. 52

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (14/12/2011)
  • No. 9. Margaret Downs

    By Nina Humphrey (née Burton) (12/12/2011)
  • 7 – Gillian English? 10 – Janet Nightingale? 24 – Micky Lawrence 34 – Sylvie Bishop

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (12/12/2011)
  • No 34 Valerie Seeley

    By Colin Clarke (12/12/2011)
  • Could 2 and 3 be Josie Hunt and Christine Austin respectively?

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (12/12/2011)

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