Laindon High Road School 1956 (10 of 11)

The 1956 photograph

33 Peter Valentine343536
414243 June Starling44
45 Rose Gipson46 Violet Perfect47 Sandra Wheelhouse48 Andrea Pinnell
49 Daphne Thomas?50 Joyce Baker51 Jean Charters52 Ann Bullimore
53 Joy Deal54 Maureen Wright5556
5758 Michael Dean59 ? Valentine (Flump)60 David Franklin
6162 John Keegan
LHR 1956 - 10 of 11

LHR 1956 – 10 of 11

1 Valerie Chiesman234 Evelyn Tagg ?
5 Ellen Knight6 Margaret Marchant7 Bob Britton8 David Bailey
9 Leslie Nunn10 Alan Collen11 John Randall12 Terry Marks ?
13 Philip Washington1415 Alfred Vaughan16 Jean Osborne
17 Pat Brooker18 Pat Lloyd19 Josie Berwick ?20 Norma Fullerton
2526 Patrick Griffin27 David Blythe28

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  • Was very excited to finally find myself and this photo today and confirm I’m Jean Osborn No 16 and next to Alfie Vaughan No 15. I’ve recognized many dear school friends and teachers. Unfortunately lost my copy of the photo many years ago as we emigrated to Sydney Australia 1975.

    By Jean Osborn (Powell) (09/06/2020)
  • My name is Alan Stevens and I attended this school at this period and I, do like to be in touch with Alfred Vaughan for that drink.

    By Alan Stevens (21/08/2018)
  • Alfred Vaughan is interested in having a drink with any old school mates if anyone fancies it or is still in the Basildon area? Please email me at:- 


    It’s the Archive’s policy not to publish e-mail addresses on the website.  However, we will gladly supply Thomas’ e-mail address upon request.   

    By Thomas Lind (05/06/2016)
  • I can confirm that No. 26 is Patrick Griffin.

    By Patrick Griffin (04/05/2016)
  • No. 5 is my mum Ellen Knight she sadly passed away in 1980, it is wonderful to see an old school photo of her.

    By Jenny Rayment (17/02/2016)
  • Message to Nina, Oops! More egg on face. Yes you are, as you appear to be always right. I was wrong. And you’ll never know how much it hurts me to admit it! To use a phrase from 1 or more of my school reports, “could do better”. I’ll try.

    By Donald Joy (14/09/2015)
  • Donald.  I’m sure this website has helped many of us to refresh our more distant memories over the last few years.  Considering that you only started 4/5 weeks ago – you are doing very well and catching up fast.  Some of your comments have certainly reminded me of a few things that I had forgotten.  Thank you – keep up the good work.  Best wishes.     

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (14/09/2015)
  • Nina, thanks for your kind words, just hope I can be deserving of them. 

    P.s. Please call me Don, as Donald just sounds so formal. It’s usually how people address me when I’m about to be told off!

    By Donald Joy (14/09/2015)
  • 19 is most definitely NOT Josie Barwick as she was in my class upper 1B and I didn’t start at LHR until 1958!

    By Donald Joy (13/09/2015)
  • Josie Barwick was born in 1941.  Therefore I suspect you maybe thinking of her sister Jeanette Barwick who was born in 1947 and appears on the 1958 photo, page 5, No 59.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (13/09/2015)
  • No. 20 is Norma Fullerton.

    By Isabel Smith (14/06/2014)
  • Number 6 is my nan Margaret Marchant married name Margaret Cullum who sadly passed away a while back.

    By Martin Taylor (19/04/2014)
  • I think No. 12 could be Terry Marks, sitting between Philip Washington and John Randall.

    By Ann Dolton (14/02/2012)
  • Number 48 – please change my surname to Pinnell (not Ash then!)

    By Andrea (09/02/2012)
  • No 17 Pat Brooker, 18 Pat Lloyd

    By dave coleman (03/02/2012)
  • My uncle Alfred Vaughan is number 15 and number 16 is Jean Osborne.

    By Thomas Lind (15/01/2012)
  • I think the Josie/Joyce Baker was caused by the fact she was usually called Joycie Baker. She also had an older sister Jean. They lived in Balmoral Rd., just around the corner from our family and were friends of my sisters.

    By Eric Pasco (03/01/2012)
  • You are right Ann it was Joyce Baker

    By Gloria Sewell (02/01/2012)
  • Could number 49 be Daphne Thomas?

    By Andrea (02/01/2012)
  • Gday Ian, you’d better delet number 30 Dennis Hyatt as Chrissy Hutchins has found him on another section.

    By ken page (30/12/2011)
  • 8 David Bailey, 10 Alan Collen, 13 is Phil Washington for sure, 30 Dennis Hyatt?, 59 ….. Valentine[Flump]

    By Ken Page (17/12/2011)
  • Page 10 No 50 Joyce not Josie and No 53 is Joy Deal

    By Ann Rugg (17/12/2011)
  • No. 26 Patrick Griffin (?)

    By Eddie Lewis (16/12/2011)
  • Number 43 – June Starling

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (16/12/2011)
  • Yes Gloria, you are right, number 19 is Josie Barwick

    By Andrea (14/12/2011)
  • 54 M.Wright, Oh my goodness put a ? on page 9 no.3 because it could be Joyce Baker and No.50 Veronica Nightingale what do you think Keith (Nock)

    By Gloria Sewell (14/12/2011)
  • 60 David Franklin, 58 Michael Dean, 15 Peter Shroder?, 11 John Randall?, 9 Leslie Nunn & 7 Bob Britton

    By Colin Clarke (13/12/2011)
  • no.54 Maureen ? 19 Josie Baker

    By Gloria Sewell (13/12/2011)
  • I now think 19 is Josie Berwick and 50 is Josie Baker.

    By Gloria Sewell (13/12/2011)
  • No.62 John Keegan. No.33 Peter (?). No.27 David Blythe. No.5 Helen Knight.

    By Eddie Lewis (12/12/2011)
  • No. 33 Peter Valentine.

    By Eddie Lewis (12/12/2011)
  • 1 – V Chisman 6 – Margaret Marchant? 46 – Violet Perfect 47 – Sandra Wheelhouse 48 – Andrea Ash 51 – Jean Charters 52 – Ann Bullimore?

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (12/12/2011)
  • Number 4 – Evelyn Tagg?

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (12/12/2011)
  • No. 45. Rose Gipson

    By Nina Humphrey(nee Burton) (11/12/2011)

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