Laindon High Road School 1956 (7 of 11)

The 1956 photograph

29 Peter Shroder30 David Hymas/Brian Pierce?31 Ron Bonnett32
33 Brian Nash343536 Patricia Card
37 Diane Baxter3839 Jackie Dennis40 Enid Waldon
4142 Pat Bartley ?4344 Brenda Bartley
45 Gillian Yates46 Maureen Perry??47 Daphne Austin48
49 Anthony Wright50 Stan Parrish51 Michael Simmons52
53 Rodger Davidson54 Malcolm Holding55 Jimmy Doods
LHR 1956 - 7 of 11

LHR 1956 – 7 of 11

1 Jenny Weir ?2 Barbara Huxton?  Joy Church ?3 Joy Shroder4 Dora Frost
5 Joan Archibald67 Rob Gray8 Alan Caulfield
9 Ray Birnie ? Ernest Simmonds ?1011 Brian Payne12 Georgie Wager
13 Mr Rees14 Mr Gay15 Mr Wanstall16 Mr Tye ?
17 Mr Anthony18 Mr Gilchrist1920 Rodger Pearce
21 Stefan Labedzki ?22 Fred Peck23 Ken Hilburn24
25 Bob Bonnett26 Roger Short2728

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  • I can confirm that in photo No 7, two school friends of mine have passed away. No. 30, David Hymas and No. 31, Ron Bonnett. Ron’s wife is living in Chelmsford, having moved back to Essex from Suffolk.

    By Robert Springate (08/02/2017)
  • No. 22 is my dad, Fred Peck.

    By Alison Peck (25/02/2015)
  • No. 11 is Brian Payne not Michael.

    Does anyone know where he is now? Get my email from the Editor and let me know.

    By Derek Brasier (03/02/2015)
  • LHR Photo ’56 (photo 7 of 11).  No. 51 Michael Simmons.  No. 30 David Hymas.  No. 45 Gillian Yates.  No. 49 Anthony Wright.

    By Robert Springate (04/08/2014)
  • No 2 could be Joy Church?

    By Brin Cordell (11/02/2014)
  • I can confirm that number three is my sister Joy Shroder.

    By Jan Hamilton née Shroder (10/02/2014)
  • I can confirm that no. 26 is my cousin Roger Short.

    By Lesley Gibson nee Cousins (16/09/2013)
  • No.23 Ken Hilburn

    By ken hilburn (06/05/2013)
  • 37 – Is Diane Baxter. Diane was always late for school. She joined what, I think, was the first Extended course and had to travel from Pitsea /Vange everyday which was not an easy journey

    By Mike Smith (17/12/2012)
  • Extended courses were available earlier. My older sister stayed on an extra year and completed the 1954-1955 ‘extended course’ in 5X, a small class of about 16 pupils. Numbers increased over the years and when I stayed on an extra year, 1961-1962 there were two quite large classes, 5X and 5X2.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (17/12/2012)
  • no. 53   Roger Davidson

    By Carol Brennan née Hudson (06/07/2012)
  • You are right Andrea Pam Willetts R.I.P. was my cousin she is indeed on page 1 no 7 and Barbara Huxton is on page 1 no 6.

    Sherrie yes your gran pa was great knew him and Rosa so well, we went to school together.

    Peter used to help my mum in her factory “Baigents” which was opposite where your gt.nanny Lou lived in Manor Rd Laindon.

    By Gloria Sewell (14/05/2012)
  • No. 4 is Dora Frost

    By Janet Rawley (12/05/2012)
  • Sherrie, we both thought Peter, your grandad, was a very nice guy.

    By Andrea & Chris Ash (10/04/2012)
  • Hi 26 is spelt Peter Shroder my grandad r.i.p x

    By Sherrie Comer (08/04/2012)
  • Page 7 No: 44 is Brenda Bartley my cousin whom has just moved to Scotland to be nearer to her family

    By Jan Burton (01/03/2012)
  • Mr.Wanstell used clever Science when he called me & C.Claise out in front of whole class for Talking! What punisment shall we have? SLIPPER! not by Teacher but by each other, slowly & soft @ 1st. “Was that hard enough?” NO! said class.

    We 2 Wacked each till it stung hurt our btms!

    NEVER TALKED CLASS AGAIN Ever! (Pain & Embarassment & Laughing)

    By Roger Wicking (18/02/2012)
  • I think the teacher sitting between Mr. Wanstall and Mr. Anthony may have been Mr. Tye. According to the Staff Changes in the school magazine Mr. Tye was appointed in 1956 with Mr. Anthony, Mr. Gilchrist, Mr. Rosen, Miss Hope and Miss Crooks. All the other male teachers have been identified so it looks as if No. 16 was Mr. Tye

    By Ann Dolton (14/02/2012)
  • 11 is Michael Payne. 8 is Alan Caulfield. 7 is Rob Gray

    By Roger Wicking (11/02/2012)
  • Hi Gloria, I didn’t think 3 was Pamela Willetts; Pam lived around the corner to me when I lived in Dickens Drive. Incidentally this girl haunts me; she has a much darker skin than Pamela and I keep getting the letter J in my mind; she is in the 1958 school photo, too and just hope someone will identify her soon.

    Update on girl number 3 – she is also number 3 on the 1958 photo, page 4, near to Tina Brewer. See what I mean?

    By Andrea (11/02/2012)
  • I just looked at No 2 and thought Barbara Huxon? Huxton, No 30 Brian Pierce, Rogers brother and No 3 Andrea does look like Pam Willetts, but I think she has already been found somewhere. Andrea what do you think.

    Sorry Colin I think Jean is right on 42 Pat Bartley

    By Gloria Sewell (07/02/2012)
  • Hi Rich you are correct that is George. I used to go round Georges house after school and smoke roll ups? He lived next door to SX tools in Pound Lane.

    By Brian Cordell (06/02/2012)
  • Brian thats right, George always had a roll-up on the go, so did Claud as I remember. I’ll never forget their mini-van and mini pick up parked together, their tools of the trade. Great guys.

    By Richard Haines (06/02/2012)
  • Hi Richard, Georgie Wager No 12

    By Brian Cordell (05/02/2012)
  • Brian, thanks so much for that ! He was in the zone there, wasnt he, right near Mr Rees !! Please check out 22 on page 13 of 1958, am I right, is that George as well? cheers Rich

    By Richard Haines (05/02/2012)
  • No 29 Peter Schroder

    By Dave Coleman (03/02/2012)
  • 50 Stan Parrish

    By Gloria Sewell (04/01/2012)
  • I think 36 is Patricia Card I was in Mr Anthony’s class.

    By patricia cash nee card (31/12/2011)
  • I think that 42 is Pat Bartley and 44 Brenda Bartley

    By Jean Rowe (née Pattle) (31/12/2011)
  • Hello Albert, You probably will not know that we are related and are 1st cousins once removed. Your mother Louise Bedford (née Challis) was the younger sister of my grandmother Maud Mary Schofield (née Challis). I have no doubt you will remember my older sisters Ruth & Beryl. I recall visiting your family in King Edward Terrace with my Mum Gladys. Regards

    By Eric Pasco (29/12/2011)
  • Could No. 47 be Daphne Austin who lived next door to me in King Edward terrace

    By Albert Bedford (28/12/2011)
  • Should 55 be Jimmy Doods not John [sorry Colin]?

    46 Maureen Perry????

    By Ken Page (21/12/2011)
  • 33 is Brian Nash

    By Ken Page (18/12/2011)
  • Page 7 No 5 is Joan Archibald

    By Ann Rugg (17/12/2011)
  • Andrea can’t help you on no. 3 and 26 at mo. So annoying loads of familer faces but I will keep looking they pop up suddenly. No I am on page 9 No. 40 still the attitude face lol, where are you?

    By Gloria Sewell (14/12/2011)
  • 55 John Doods, 15 Mr Wanstall, 42 Heather Tyler, 9 Ernest Simmonds & 21 Stefan Labedzki

    By Colin Clarke (13/12/2011)
  • 44 Brenda Bartley 20 Roger Pearce

    By Gloria Sewell (13/12/2011)
  • Gloria, sorry can’t answer your query on next page but perhaps you might be able to answer mine. Is number 26 Roger Short? And number 3 her face is so familar and feel that her name begins with J. Patsy – is that you at number 46?

    By Andrea (13/12/2011)
  • No. 18. Mr. Gilchrist.

    By Nina Humphrey (née Burton) (12/12/2011)
  • No.54 Malcolm Holding. No.13 Mr. Reece. No.14 Mr. Gay.

    By Eddie Lewis (12/12/2011)
  • Thats Mr Rees, not Reece.

    By Richard Haines (12/12/2011)
  • 39 – Jackie Dennis 40 – Carol ?

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (12/12/2011)
  • Could Number 1 be Jenny Weir?

    By Andrea Ash (née Pinnell) (12/12/2011)
  • No. 13. Mr. Reece. No. 14. Mr. Gay. No. 17. Mr. Anthony. No. 9. Ray Birnie

    By Nina Humphrey (née Burton) (11/12/2011)

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