Laindon High Road School 1958 (7 of 14)

The 1958 photograph

Who are they and where are they now?

1 Christine Clarke2 Marie Hockley3 Elaine Winkworth4 Carol Matthews5 Maisie Doyle
6 Jim Roach7 Peter Short8 Maureen Perry9 Pauline Jellows10
11 Sandra Dipley1213 Cynthia Jones14 Nina Davine /Heather Tyler?15 Helen Brown
16 Jennifer Nicholls17 Janet Shroder18 Jennifer Garrity19 Eileen Clayton20
21 Gordon Clark2223 Valerie Peall24 Katherine Hince25 Elizabeth Legg
26 Joyce Milton27282930 Kathleen O’Neill
Laindon High Road School 1958 (7 of 14)

Laindon High Road School 1958 (7 of 14)

31 Linda Collins3233 Pat Mayhew?34 Janet George35
36 Beryl Cross37 Sheila Colbear38 Gail Miller39 Christine ?40 Miss Thomas
41 Mrs Rousell42 Mr Gay43 Mr Miniken44 Miss Harris45 Margaret Peall
46 Ann Adams47 Shirley Talbot48 Jacqui Sheppard49 Pauline Hugget50 Penny Oliver
51Jennifer Westwood52 Ann Chapman53 Jean Ives54 Rena Perry55  Valerie Dean
56 Sandra Gleason/Jennette Nuth?57 Diane Amos58 Diane Hart59 Ann Prager

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  • Hi, just seen school photo of you Marie at Landon High Road School.

    By Kathleen Allbut (Hayzer) (31/10/2023)
  • No. 3 is Elaine Winkworth.

    By Marie Jenner ( Hockley) (05/09/2020)
  • I can see that there is a Jennette Nuth with a question mark. I neither know or have heard of a Jennette Nuth. My older sister is Janet Nuth but she was born in 1955 so it’s not her either.

    By Jacqueline Nuth (08/05/2018)
  • I think No. 11 is my aunt, Sandra Dibley.

    By Janet Penston (30/08/2017)
  • So glad that Pat Roper has confirmed number 29 is not her as she didn’t look a bit like that. But I do hope that now Pat is back on this site she will have another look and confirm where she is.

    By Richard Haines (16/01/2017)
  • Hi. My name was Patsy Roper…sorry No. 29 isn’t me.

    By Patsy Spendlove (15/01/2017)
  • Thanks for the update on Jennifer…if you are still in contact with her maybe you could pass on my best wishes please.

    By Sandra Springall (27/10/2015)
  • We must have known a lot of the same people Nina. I never went to the High Road but both my sisters did. I was at Laindon Hills for almost five years, in Miss Wndonds class and Mr Walkers.  I knew Maureen Card, Jennifer Garrity, Vivian Lagdon, Roy Le Surf, Shirley Talbot, Jean Hayes, etc., we lived in Sylvan Road.  LOVED Laindon.

    By Sandra Springall (27/10/2015)
  • Jennifer Garrity and I were in the same class at Laindon High Road School.  We also worked together at the same company for four years after leaving school in 1962.  Jenny married Roy Oakley and had two daughters.  Roy very sadly died last year.  They  had moved to Clacton a few years earlier and Jenny still lives there.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (26/10/2015)
  • Jennifer Garrity was a very good friend of mine at Laindon Hills.   P S.  We kept in touch after I moved to Norfolk.  Would love to hear how she got on.

    By Sandra Springall (25/10/2015)
  • Thanks Joan, it would be lovely to see you and catch up after all these years.

    Will definitely try and make one of the memory days. Not long until we are 70 now.

    By Marie Jenner nee Hockley (28/01/2015)
  • Just found this site and have enjoyed seeing some old faces.  Many thanks for all the effort put into this.

    By Marie Jenner nee Hockley (27/01/2015)
  • So lovely to see you on this site Marie, I have often wondered what happened to you.  I always remembered that we shared the same birthday.   Hope you are keeping well and that you manage to get to one of the meetings.  Joan Baterip (Sarfas)

    By Joan Baterip (27/01/2015)
  • No. 56 is Sandra Gleason.

    By Christy Lindsell (23/07/2014)
  • Anyone remember me?  I married Jean Dodd, she was 2 years younger than me. No one mentioned Mr Finch, the woodwork teacher or Mr Seaman, with the big nose, we called him Pecker, ha ha ha!! I remember John Bird and John Blackwell.

    By John Longstaff (13/05/2014)
  • Yes 17 is myself.  We moved away when I was 14 and I lost touch with my friends and classmates.  There was Maureen Card, Jenny Nichols, Jenny Garrity, Eileen Clayton and Pat Perry who lived up The Chase as we did at the time.  I went on to be an hotelier for 25 yrs and then I became a teacher before retiring to Spain and now reside in France for most of the year returning to Wales for the summer to cut grass!  Would love to hear from any of you who may remember me.  I have two children and five grandchildren Jan Hamilton nee Shroder

    By Janet Shroder (28/01/2014)
  • I think no 51 is Jennifer Westwood

    By Dianne Couch nee Amos (02/11/2013)
  • I think No 29 could be Pat Roper. Anybody agree or maybe not?

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (16/09/2013)
  • So it appears to be solvedby Miss Marple, the mystery of No 55. Ok now the next mission is to find Josie Beasley on the photo. I’ll await the outcome with interest.

    By Richard Haines (06/09/2013)
  • Now I am really going to confuse the issue over Josie ! I have raked out my original 1958 photo,on which I wrote friends names on, this was in 1958, when we first had the photo I have Josie marked as no 5 on page 1. But I see that Pat Roper thinks it may be her!! I still think it is Josie.

    By Lesley Gibson nee Cousins (06/09/2013)
  • Hi Lesley, I think if you have the names written on the back of the photo you are probably right. I didn’t think no 5 on page one was Pat Roper as I remember her but I wasn’t going to correct her on herself. I have to say I thought it was my sister Lynda Burr I have not been able to identify her can you help? Ellen

    By Ellen English nee Burr (06/09/2013)
  • I’ve always had doubts that No 5 on page 1 was Pat Roper. I notice that Pat only thinks it might be herself! I really think it is Josie Beasley.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (06/09/2013)
  • I still think number 55 is Josie Beasley. However, I know that Leslie Cousins has a good knowledge of all the girls who were in our year and she is already raising doubts in my mind about some of the others (Sandra Honey and Veronica Bridges). This is the value of this site and the more people who come onto it and add their opinions the better. It will be great when all the schoolchildren on the 1958 photo have been identified, then I will frame my own copy and put the names underneath.

    By Richard Haines (05/09/2013)
  • Sorry, Ivan thought it was Valerie Peel, he is sure her name is Valerie perhaps Dean? But it is definitely not Josie Beasley, she was a redhead.

    By Lesley Gibson nee Cousins (05/09/2013)
  • I’ve been looking again at No 55 and she has all the facial features of Josie. When some of the girls left in the 4th year I recall that Josie went to work in Littlewoods in Basildon, I would often go in and talk to her. She certainly was a redhead or strawberry blonde as Lesley has confirmed and as this is a black and white photo this could easily be the case, compare her hair with Jacqui No 48 next to her who had dark hair.

    By Richard Haines (05/09/2013)
  • Jose was a dark redhead which would appear dark in the photo,definitely not a strawberry blond and her hair was never that short in all the years I knew her.

    By Lesley Gibson nee Cousins (05/09/2013)
  • 55 is Valerie Dean. She had a younger brother called Stephen and they lived in Home Mead off King Edward Road.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (05/09/2013)
  • Valerie Peal is no. 23

    By Joan Baterip (04/09/2013)
  • Valerie Peall is definitely number 23. She is one of my second cousins.

    By Nina Humphrey (née Burton) (04/09/2013)
  • No 37 is Sheila Colbear. No 55 is not Josie Beasley, I think It is Valerie Peel.

    By Lesley Gibson née Cousins (03/09/2013)
  • Sorry, I think No. 14 is Heather Tyler, (Cynthia Jones’ friend). No. 34 is Janet George and No. 36 Beryl Cross.

    By georgina Nottage (nee Ellingford) (01/09/2013)
  • No 46 is Ann Adams

    By Stephanie Adams (08/08/2013)
  • Hi Richard – lovely to hear from you again. Oh yes I do remember the old wooden building with that lovely Mr Rees. Many names I do not remember; but yes I did usually go around with Veronica (?Bridges I think) and a Kathy (can’t remember he second name I’m afraid). But all the memories have been coming back – the Friday night Youth Club; sometimes they had some really good dances! We used to dress up feeling like the bees knees! I remember Mr Cluff hauling me out in front of the class to remove my carefully applied nail varnish with white spirit, after one such night! We moved to Lincolnshire when I was in 4x when my parents took a pub there. I missed everyone so much! Such happy days – more memories to come, when I can remember them!!

    By Penny Carter (Oliver) (19/02/2013)
  • Hello Penny, how nice to hear from you, I am glad you are writing on this website, there are not many people from our year (let alone our class) who have come forward yet. 

    Do you remember that wooden building with Mr Rees in charge in the library all those years ago? As I recall you always sat with Veronica and went around with her at school. The girls always seemed to be in twos, Jacqui Sheppard and Janet Smithers, Vanessa Crew and Christine Thompson, Mary Baker and Josie Beasley, Leslie Cousins and Cherry Walden (can you remember the others ?) 

    I got sat with Mackie Scott, Mart Graves and Peter Reynolds as I recall. Cant wait for your memories to come out on here!

    By Richard Haines (17/02/2013)
  • So glad that I got Penny Oliver correct, she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. You can partly see that from the photo, hard to believe we were only 11 years old at the time !! Pity Diane Amos didn’t move slightly sideways that day !!

    By Richard Haines (16/02/2013)
  • Thankyou so much for your kind comments Richard. I do remember you! And so many other names; brings back so many memories. I love this site; it was brought to my attention by my sister Elaine; now I can’t stop looking at it!! I look forward to further comments.

    By Penny Carter (Oliver) (16/02/2013)
  • No: 50 is definately Penny Oliver

    By Elaine Elsey (13/02/2013)
  • No 26 is Joyce Milton 24 is Kathleen Hince

    By alan taylor (05/02/2013)
  • Number 8 is not Pat it is her sister Maureen Perry but she is also shown as number 21 in the previous section of photo

    By Emma Thomas (20/04/2012)
  • Andrea where are you I have this film of my wedding party I am sure you are on it Chris definately is.

    By Gloria Sewell (19/03/2012)
  • No. 49 is Pauline Hugget

    By Sandra Harris (Nee Cullis) (18/03/2012)
  • I am sure no 56 is Sandra Gleason, she used to come to school on the Hutton bus

    By Julie Rothwell(Judith Drewer) (14/03/2012)
  • No. 9 is Pauline Jellows No. 10 is not me No. 30 is Kathy O’Neill (not English)

    By Ann Dolton (14/02/2012)
  • No 14 Nina Davine. No 31 Linda Collins. No 57 Diane Amos (not Susan Bardo).

    By Pam Quarman née Atkins (04/01/2012)
  • Is No. 49 Pauline Huggins.

    By Shirley Thompson née Talbot (27/11/2011)
  • No 39 is Christine ? Sorry don’t remember her surname, No 47 is my sister Shirley.

    By Thelma Young (nee Talbot) (26/11/2011)
  • No 56 is Jennette Nuth 🙂 57 is Susan Bardo?

    By patsy Spendlove née Roper (24/11/2011)
  • Looked at number 30 (darked haired girl) and the name Kathleen sprung to mind – any help? Also, the talk about the name of Sweetapple – was there an Elizabeth with that name too?

    By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell) (16/11/2011)
  • Oops its happening again! Could number 30 be Kathleen English?

    By Andrea Ash (Nee Pinnell) (16/11/2011)
  • No. 33 – I think you will find that Jenny Sweetapple was younger than myself (Val) and I was in the 1st year when this picture was taken. I knew Jenny outside of school as her family were always about when my father took his scouts and cubs camping close to their home in Langdon Hills. Jenny always came to visit us and stayed for chats and camp fire.

    By valerie Kingsley (Boatwright) (15/11/2011)
  • Jennifer Sweetapple could not be in this photo, she was in my class starting at LHR in 1959

    By Eric Pasco (15/11/2011)
  • 33 is Patricia Mayhew

    By Richard Haines (15/11/2011)
  • Valerie. You may well be right. I was in the second year in the photo. I remember Jennifer Sweetapple at school, we were on the same school coach trip once and she was telling us about her puppy. No 33 looks very much how I remember her, but maybe I am mistaken.

    Editor: I will let you sort this out between you.

    By Nina Burton (15/11/2011)
  • No 38 is now Gail Miller

    By Nina Burton (09/11/2011)
  • yeah, thinking about it its definitely not this one- well done Andrea, its the other one we agreed on!

    Editor: Thanks for you work on providing the names as not going to Laindon High Road puts me at a disadvantage. There are a number of faces I recognise from the Dunton area and some from my visits to the school on sports days. 

    By Richard Haines (08/11/2011)
  • Number 10 could be Ann Dolton.

    By Ken Page (07/11/2011)
  • Number 32 doesn’t look like the Kathy Hymas I remember – she was my childhood neighbour and I used to go out to play with her and her brother David in Denbigh Road. I named her on another page.

    By Andrea (07/11/2011)
  • 33. Jennifer Sweetapple?

    By Nina Humphrey(nee Burton) (05/11/2011)
  • No. 45. Margaret Peall

    By Nina Humphrey(nee Burton) (05/11/2011)
  • No. 16. Jennifer Nicholls?

    By Nina Humphrey (04/11/2011)
  • 55 Josie Beasley 50 Penny Oliver until further notice.

    By Richard Haines (04/11/2011)
  • No. 17. Janet Shroder?

    By Nina Humphrey (nee Burton) (04/11/2011)
  • wait, could 32 be Kathy Hymas?

    By Richard Haines (04/11/2011)
  • No. 28. Ann Prager

    By Nina Humphrey (03/11/2011)
  • 28 is a boy?  

    Editor: It was a long day when I added that name

    By Richard Haines (03/11/2011)
  • Number 40 = Miss Thomas (PE Teacher)

    By Andrea (03/11/2011)
  • Oops. I think No 59 is Ann Prager. No 28 is a boy!!

    By Nina Humphrey (03/11/2011)
  • 58 Diane Hart, 55 Jacqui Sheppard

    By Richard Haines (02/11/2011)
  • 4. Carol Matthews. 6. ? Roache. 13. Cynthia Jones. 15. Helen Brown. 18. Jennifer Garrity. 19. Eileen Clayton. 21. Gordon Clark. 22. Valerie Peall. 45. Margaret Peall. 46. Stephanie? Adams (a twin). 47. Shirley Talbot. 55. ? Dean. 52. Ann Chapman. 59. Jean Ives.

    By Nina Humphrey (02/11/2011)
  • No. 8 Pat Perry.

    By Nina Humphrey (02/11/2011)
  • No 6 Jim Roach…his brother Michael should appear somewhere too.

    By Eric Pasco (02/11/2011)
  • 2 Marie Hockley ? 4 Carol Matthews 5 Maisie Doyle number 23 is definately Valerie Peall and not 22. 25 Elizabeth Legg 1 Christina Clarke

    By Joan Baterip (02/11/2011)
  • 36. Gail Miller. 42. Mr Gay (I was in his class).

    By Nina Humphrey (02/11/2011)
  • Jean Ives is 53. not 59. Sorry.

    By Nina Humphrey (02/11/2011)
  • Sorry 48 Jacqui Sheppard, the numbers are confusing in this position.

    By Richard Haines (02/11/2011)
  • Sorry no 42 is Mr Gay and not Mr Hughes. Mr Hughes is further down the line. More names waiting for you when you put your pictures up.

    By Valerie Kingsley (02/11/2011)
  • No. 54 Rena Perry No. 41 Mrs Rousell No. 42 Mr Hughes No. 43 Mr Minniken No. 44 Miss Harris next to Miss Harris is Mr. Woodward the head master No. 24 Katherine Hince No. 33 Pat Mayhew No. 58 Diane No. 52 Ann Chapman

    By Valerie Kingsley (01/11/2011)
  • Hy again,7 Peter Short,42 Mr Gay,43 Mr Miniken,44 Miss Harris.

    By ken page (01/11/2011)

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