School Photo - Mr Gay's Class.

Laindon High Road School unknown year.

Can anybody put names to the faces in this photo taken in the quadrangle of Laindon High Road School (Mr Gay is the teacher).  Also what year the photograph was taken please?  Thank you.

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  • Girls names:
    June Newton
    Norma Fullerton
    Dorothea Muncey
    Betty Davis
    Pauline Temple
    Dianne Baxter
    Joyce Farrington
    Joan Comber
    Beryl French
    Diane Moore
    Janet Marlton
    Helena Hulsey
    Kathleen Stelling
    I was absent that day and these names are from the signatures on the back of the photo.

    By Jean Osborn (Powell) (29/06/2020)
  • Some extra information: Male students from the right.
    Thomas Downes
    David Muncey
    Chris Hammond
    Brian Mills
    Mike Smith
    Colin Shipton
    John Sloper
    Alan Burley
    Peter Riches
    I may have spelt some surnames incorrectly.
    David Muncey

    By David Muncey (09/01/2020)
  • Yes I was there. I am the second on the right, it was the first class of 5x. under the tutelage of Mr Gay, the year must be 1956 /57. If you would like more information feel free to contact me

    By David Muncey (09/01/2020)

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