Cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Laindon Park School

 1 _________? 2 _________? 3 Donald Joy (Smith) 4 _________?
 5 Snow White – Heather Fullerton 6 Andrew Dodge 7 _________? 8 _________?

This show was put on at St Nicholas Church Hall. I would think it will be about 1957/58.

The cast of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The names I can remember:

Dwarfs from the left at the back:

Robert LewinBrian Stepney3 _________? 4 _________
Andrew Dodge6 Donald Joy (Smith)Philip Lowe

Centre Row from Left:

 1 _________? 2 Christine McCarthy 3 _________? 4 _________?
 5 Snow White – Heather Fullerton 6 _________? 7 _________? 8 _________?
 9 Carol Hudson

In the front row:

 1 _________? 2 _________? 3 _________? Valerie Newman
 5 _________? Linda Smith

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  • Hi
    Is there anyone on here that would like to pop in and talk to the children that attend Laindon Park today and talk about school life for you? They are doing a history project about the local area.

    By Trace (13/05/2022)
  • Yeah, I remember Barry really well, we sat next to each other in Mr Rosen’s class Upper 1B. We were friends all through our time at LHR school. As happens all too frequently we lost touch after we had left school, however I did meet up with him some years later. He was driving a truck collecting scrap metal near to St Nicholas church where I was working at the time. I remember him as a happy chap who enjoyed a bit of fun and a laugh. A good guy!

    By Donald Joy (28/09/2017)
  • Yes I remember Barry Keeble. He was in Mrs Hodgson’s class in Laindon Park School. Barry was into collecting the picture cards in Brooke Bond Tea, in particular the British Birds set which were popular 1957 – 1958. Barry lived in Kathleen Ferrier Crescent as I recall. Barry was a brilliant person, very friendly and was keen to talk about natural history like birds eggs and nests, we were all interested in them back in the day. Others I remember from that class were Robert McMasters, Keith English and Brian Stepney.

    By Richard Haines (28/09/2017)
  • Does anyone remember Barry Keeble?

    By Mr Keeble (27/09/2017)
  • I was not in this play but I did go with my parents  to see it at the Church Hall. I remember Andrew Dodge played the part of Dopey but I can’t place him in the photo. I recall Andrew Darroch singing a song but I don’t think he was a Dwarf. Prince Charming’s name might be Roger. I remember Mr Rand telling our class that he wouldn’t be teased about playing Prince Charming because he was the best footballer in  the school.

    By Bob Connell (29/12/2015)
  • Ah, Bob Connell mentioned Andrew Dodge and Andy Darroch, both these two were in Mr Stone’s class. Andy and Peter Darroch were near neighbours to us and we had some really great times in my early days in Laindon. Others I remember in that early term were Arnold Frost, a brilliant footballer and Ronnie Cannings. A good friend also was Kenny Prince who lived in Dickens Drive. When I moved up to Mrs Hodgsons class I remember Barry Keeble and Keith English, both interested in wildlife and who encouraged the rest of us to go bird nesting and digging for newts among other non-PC pastimes.

    By Richard Haines (29/12/2015)
  • If, as Bob Connell says, Andrew Dodge played Dopey, then he will be easy to identify, as Dopey was the one without a beard. That would make him no.6 in photo 1 and no.5 in photo 2. Keep them coming.

    By Donald Joy (29/12/2015)
  • Hi Rich, good to see you on here again. I have studied these photos over and over, and while I remember the faces, even with the beards, I fail to recall the names that belong to them. As for the teachers, for some inexplicable reason, I can only remember one, a Mr Simpson.

    By Donald Joy (28/12/2015)
  • Don. The school year started on 1st September and ended on 31st August, therefore there was almost a year’s difference between the ages of some of the children.  Heather was born in 1947, the same as you, but as her birthday was in September, she was in the year below you, but would have been one of the oldest in her year.  As I was born towards the end of July 1946, I was one of the youngest in my year (I was the youngest in my class).  If I had been born six weeks later (in September 46), I would have been in the same year as you.

    I once heard a story of twins who were born just a few minutes apart.  The first twin was born before midnight on 31st August and the second twin was born after midnight on 1st September.  Therefore they were in difference years at school.  Interestingly, I also heard of a similar situation where a set of twins were born at the turn of the year.  First twin born before midnight on 31st December and 2nd twin born after midnight on 1st January.  Therefore although born just minutes apart, their birthdays were in different years.

    Further, if same had happened on millennium night, a set of twins could even have birthdays in different centuries.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (27/12/2015)
  • As far as I know Heather Fullerton lives in Wickford. (I can check on this)   She married a police inspector and I believe they have a home in France also.  She has two daughters.  I am in regular touch with her older sister Wendy who lives in Somerset, as does the middle sister, Norma (Wendy and Norma married a pair of brothers)

    By Anne Burton (27/12/2015)
  • I continue to study these pictures in the hope that I might eventually identify others in the cast, but to no avail. Heather made an excellent Snow White, she looked so serene, so regal. And look again at Carol Hudson, didn’t she have just the biggest smile, as always. One other thing that comes back to mind is, the scenery/backdrops were also painted by the pupils, over a several week period. The pick axes we dwarves carried were made of cardboard and were quite delicate, often needing to be bent back into shape. It doesn’t pay to buy cheap tools. 

    If as you say, you had been born 6 weeks later, you may have had the dubious pleasure of knowing me. So you should consider yourself lucky that your birthday is when it is. 

    In one of Richard’s comments, he says we all looked excited, I think we may all have been “high” from the glue the beards were stuck on with?

    By Donald Joy (27/12/2015)
  • Laindon Park apparently is renowned for its good productions.  Two of my nephews, Trevor and Glenn Burton were there in the 70s and took part in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, where every single pupil in the school had a part to play. (Many as Munchkins no doubt).

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (27/12/2015)
  • This is what I love about this website, that this, and many other topics, can provoke so many thoughts and memories and generate so much discussion. Marvellous!

    By Donald Joy (27/12/2015)
  • I would have thought with active writers on this site we could fill in a few more names. I already knew Valerie Newman, Carol Hudson and Christine McCarthy. Christine was in my class in LHR from 1959-1963. Carol I last saw in 1962 working in Basildon Coop – that smile sticks in my memory and always will. So come on guys who are the others. I also remember from Laindon Park School the girls playing recorders, such a happy sound. And the music lessons from Mr Rand, such a cool teacher. I would say the happiest school year in my life 1957 – 1958. Mrs Hodgson, easily the nicest and kindest teacher, a wonderful lady who gave out love to her pupils as well as teaching. I will treasure her school report forever.

    By Richard Haines (27/12/2015)
  • As Richard suggests, this play was attended not only by school children, but also most parents and many of their neighbours. I was chosen to play the part of Sleepy in this production (I wonder why) and as such had only one line to recite. I cannot after all these years remember what it was, but I did remember it very well back then. Only problem was, I couldn’t remember when I was meant to say it, so to be on the safe side, I said it 3 times throughout the whole production. I do however remember two of the songs we had to sing, Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go, was one, the other went, We dig dig dig, we dig the whole night through! I seem to recall that we performed this on two consecutive nights, such was the demand for tickets and restrictive size of the church hall. 

    Back to the Heather Fullerton issue, I believe I have pretty good recollection as to many, if not most, of the people I attended school with, but I don’t ever recall seeing her at LHR, nor do I recall her name having been mentioned while there. What’s more I cannot see her or find her name listed in the 1958 school photo, although I appreciate that there could be many reasons for this. I thought maybe she had been bought a pair of glass slippers and been whisked away by some charming prince? Imaginative or what?

    By Donald Joy (26/12/2015)
  • When the 1958 photo was taken, Heather was still in the last year at Laindon Park.  She started at Laindon High Road in the September of 1959.  She was definitely at LHS and came home with me one lunchtime as we had arranged to have the afternoon off to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses with my mum.  At the time of my sister’s wedding in July 1961, I had just turned 15 and Heather was still 13.  (The dresses we chose were pink with white lace on the front and lots of stiff net petticoats underneath that made the skirts puff out – very popular at that time).  The wedding reception was in St Nicholas Church Hall which was off Pound Lane.  A very good live skiffle group called ‘The Long Riders’ provided the music.  I believe the drummer was called Peter Clayton.  I’ve never found anyone who remembers them.        

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (26/12/2015)
  • One last remark re. Heather Fullerton. As she was in the play I just assumed that she was the same age as me and I therefore should have known her or known of her. But like so many times in my life – I was wrong. Thanks for pointing it out to me, I stand corrected. 

    By Donald Joy (26/12/2015)
  • Does anybody know what happened to Snow White/Heather Fullerton after Laindon Park? I don’t seem to have seen her name mentioned anywhere since that time. Did she move on to a school other than LHR? Just curious. 

    By Donald Joy (25/12/2015)
  • Heather Fullerton was the youngest sister of my older sister Anne’s friend Wendy Fullerton.  They lived at St George’s, Kennelworth Road (near Wash Road).   All three of the Fullerton girls, Wendy, Norma and Heather went to Laindon High Road School.  Heather and I were bridesmaids at my sister’s wedding in July 1961. 

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (25/12/2015)
  • Looking at this again the children in the play were from both third and fourth year junior classes, Mr Stone’s (Philip Lowe, Robert Lewin, Valerie Newman, Linda Smith and Heather Fullerton) and Mrs Hodgson’s (Christine McCarthy, Carol Hudson, Brian Stepney) respectively. This shows how small the school was because in my previous school in Barking, Cambell Juniors we could populate a play with one class which is what normally happened. As this was held at Church Hall it probably had a wider audience than just schoolchildren and all the participants look really excited at having taken part. I am lucky in having been in both classes, due to Mr Wilson mistakenly thinking I was born in September 1947 instead of June and only finding out at Christmas 1957. Anyway a brilliant school with Heather making a wonderful looking Snow White. How different life was 58 years ago.

    By Richard Haines (25/12/2015)
  • Back row No. 2 Brian Stepney

    Centre row No. 2 Christine McCarthy

    Centre row No. 9 Carol Hudson 

    I’m still working on identifying others but it’s been a long time!  Don

    By Donald Joy (13/10/2015)
  • Yeah that’s me! No. 3 in top picture and 2nd from right back row in bottom picture. I was Sleepy, had only one line which I remembered – just couldn’t remember when I was meant to say it – so said it 3 times! Waited 58 years to see these. Happy days.

    By Donald Joy (Smith) (11/08/2015)
  • Yes, it is Donald Smith in both the top and bottom pics as stated by Richard Haines. Later changed his name to Donald Joy.

    By Jess Joy (14/06/2014)
  • Hi Valerie, if this was in 1957-1958 as you have stated, I think I recognise Donald Smith top row third from left in top picture and seventh from left in bottom picture. Also in bottom picture, girls second and eighth (on end) in middle row are Christine McArthy and Carol Hudson, anyone else agree, such happy days long ago in that special and friendly little school. The best teachers were Mr Stone and Mrs Hodgson. I wish I could wind the clock back to Autumn 1957.

    By Richard Haines (12/11/2013)
  • Good to talk to you Linda. I remember you well. I think we were in the same class all the way through Laindon Park. I can remember the play at the Laindon High Road School. I think it must have been that last school year 1958/9. I was a moonbeam with wings but can’t remember anything else. I have posted on your photo on the other part of the site. I would think that it was probably in the local paper at the time.

    Keith, I was at the school between 53 and 59 so you must have been in a younger class. I then went to school in Chelmsford and we moved to live in Basildon so lost touch with everyone.

    By Val Scurlock nee Newman (23/06/2013)
  • Hi, I remember school plays and country dancing at Church Hall, I was at Laindon Park 55-61, then went to Laindon High Rd.

    By Keith Nock (21/06/2013)
  • Hi Val, good to see your photos. Can you remember if we did another play (don’t know what it was called, it had moonbeams in it ) that we performed at Laindon High Rd. school? Linda Clarke (Smith)

    By Linda Clarke (21/06/2013)

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