Laindon Park School Recorder Group

Val Newman; Jacqui Shepard; Janet Smithers; _?_ Pat Mayhew; Cassie Turner; Jill Strutt; _?_ _?_

This is the Laindon Park School Recorder Group in about 1957/8. I am the first from the left but I can’t remember anyone else’s names as I think they were older than me. I think we were playing in the Laindon Community Hall.

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  • Val, yes I remember Mr Rand. He was the best music teacher I ever had. He introduced us to songs such as Fine Young Men of Blaenae County (wherever did that come from). I think all the girls liked him whereas all us boys liked Miss Davies who was extremely young and attractive back then. Who is the tall girl in the middle of the group I’ve been racking my brains for days trying to remember her?

    By Richard Haines (25/06/2013)
  • Your memory is good Richard. I had the name Jill Strutt in my head but couldn’t match it with a face. I used to love playing the recorder and I remember when Mr Rand joined the staff the music seemed to grow and grow. I remember him taking us to the Royal Festival in London to see the Saturday children’s concerts.

    By Val Scurlock nee Newman (24/06/2013)
  • Yes, at Laindon Park School in that year 1957-58 the recorders were often heard at occasions such as Christmas and other times, usually in the canteen/hall area, where such things as the school plays would be held. They were all brilliant players and were always practicing. The girl to the right of Jacqui Sheppard is Janet Smithers who was with us most of the way through Laindon High Road in the following five years. To the right of Cassie Turner is Jill Strutt who I believe passed the eleven plus and possibly went to Fryerns. In that school year I was in Mr Stone’s class up till Christmas then in Mrs Hodgson’s class until the summer of 1958, due to headmaster Mr JJ Wilson reading my birth date wrongly. I was therefore in Valerie Newmans class (hi Val) for the first three months then with the older ones shown in this group above. When the names of the other three come back I will add them in.

    By Richard Haines (23/06/2013)
  • Thanks Nina. Those names ring a bell with me. The WI hall makes sense. I kept looking at the photo thinking the stage looked small for the community hall.

    By Val Scurlock nee Newman (23/06/2013)
  • 2nd from left – Jacqui Shephard. 5th from left – Pat Mayhew. 6th from left – Cassie Turner. I believe this was on the stage of the WI hall in Samuel Road. I was in there recently and it looks exactly the same.

    By Nina Humphrey (née Burton) (22/06/2013)

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