Langdon Hills Primary School

Where are these children now

Langdon Hills Junior School is one of the limited number of remaining buildings in Laindon High Road. This look back at some of the pupils who attended the school will it is hoped bring back many memories.
Do you remember any of the following pupils who were in attendance at Langdon Hills Junior School circa 1947 and can you provide any of the missing names. 

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  • I attended Langdon Hills from June 1951-July 1952 and was in Mr Richardson’s class. I sat next to Margaret Biggs who I was very friendly with. Jean Soul, Jean Abbess, Mary Luton, June Gilchrist, Wendy Fox, Pat Freegard, Pat Hay, Dorothea & David Muncey, Malcolm Croft, Alan Harris, Robert Hale, Henry Freeman, Doris Ford, & Mary Nicholls are all names that I remember.

    I had a very happy time at that school and sang in the choir. Well remember playing cricket in the lunchtimes which a lot of us used to vie to be in charge of because you got to use the newer bat! Mr Richardson once arranged a cricket match between the girls and the boys and put me in charge of the boys team!!! I think there was only 12 boys in the class and they were not all sporty so I had to include a couple of girls for the boys’ side to make up numbers. Happy times and good memories!

    By Jean Skeels (nee Springall) (03/09/2020)
  • Picture 18 is Elizabeth Sweetapple, now Powell, my sister. She went on to a nursing career starting out at Southend General and eventually became a District Nurse/Sister Tutor in Mid Wales where she lives.
    Jennie Kelly nee Sweetapple, pupil at Langdon Hills Primary School 1952-1958.

    By Jennifer Kelly nee Sweetapple (03/03/2020)
  • Here’s a message for David Muncey.

    Please get in touch.

    Alan Stevens.

    By A E Stevens (07/09/2018)
  • Regarding the note about Noel Muncey, Noel is my eldest brother, Fred’s son.  I would confirm that his grandfather did dig some graves along  with both my brothers Fred and Charles.   The graves were in the old cemetery in the old church, the one at the bottom of Old Church Hill, Langdon Hills.

    By David Muncey (14/03/2017)
  • I previously added a comment on the photo’s.  The girl between Janet Leech and myself i.e. Isabel Beaney (now Smith), I think could have been Barbara Blackery.  Perhaps someone else can confirm this?

    By Isabel Smith (03/07/2016)
  • Hi. I was at Langdon Hills with a Noel Muncey. He would have been born around 1955, and I remember him telling me his grandfather was a grave digger. Any relation?

    By Geoff Roberts-Todd (05/03/2016)
  • I too was in your class.

    By Jean Springall (10/02/2015)
  • I was at Langdon Hills School from 1951 until 1956 but haven’t seen any school photographs from those years which is disappointing.  I was in Miss Wendon’s class and Mr Walker’s. I left when we moved to Norfolk.  I recall most of my classmates names….we were also looking for Sylvia Turner who was my sister Jean’s friend and lived next door to us in Sylvan Road.  My main friends were Vivian Lagdon, and Jennifer Garrity.  I wrote to Jennifer long after we moved.

    By Sandra Stephens nee Springall (10/02/2015)
  • Michael Marchant became the full time projectionist at the Radion cinema. His full story can be found on this site. He is still living in Laindon and attends the “Memory Days” held in the Laindon library.

    By Robert Springate (10/12/2014)
  • David Muncey. You are my uncle and Dorothea was my aunt Dolly. Been trying to contact you since the year Dad passed away, are you ok?

    By Susan Guichard (20/07/2014)
  • No. 6 is Janet Leech.  No. 7 can someone clarify, is that Barbara Blackery next to me, Isabel Beaney.

    There is a ? against Isabel Beaney but it is the correct photo.

    Goodness did we all look like this! Great memories though.  Also remember Miss O Brian, don’t think any of us learnt much in her year she was dreadful and yes a terrible temper, remember her playing the mandolin in class – was that a music lesson!  Sad but true!

    By Isabel Smith (14/06/2014)
  • I have only just discovered this history site but what a flood of memories.  Eric I remember quite well also Joan Pack in that green hut with the big coke filled fire.  Mrs Jones, Miss Snow who became Mrs Baker and red haired O’Brien who had a terrible temper.  Joan Cobb and perhaps Eric can remember me.  Thelma Waters and my cousin Shelagh Emson?

    By Thelma (01/03/2014)
  • Thank you for thenopportunity to put an imput into your excellent work.

     I confirm that there was a set of twins Dorothea (Dorothy) and David Muncey not Munci

    Having read your page I remember two other school friends one was Alan Stevens the second David Woods


    By David Muncey (25/12/2013)
  • In my class when I left in 1957 were..Roy Mansfield, Brenda Bond, Shirley Smart, Robert Baldwin, Peter Ellis, Jennifer Garretty, Vivian Lagdon, Jean Hayes, Elsie Gale, Roy Sargeant, George Le Surf, Dorothy Tate, Pauline ?, ? Smart, to name but a few …I will dig out the old school photo when we were with Miss Baker

    By Sandra Stephens (03/12/2013)
  • There was a Zelda Coppitt in my class I recall, with Elsie Gale (her mum was a teacher at the school), Roy Mansfield, Roy Sargeant, Wendy Pomeroy, Vivian Lagdon, Jennifer Garrity, Roy Underwood, George Le Surf, Dorothy Tate, Shirley Smart and Brenda Cole.

    By Sandra Springall (07/08/2013)
  • Hi Ellen, Thanks for the thought, but I should have mentioned earlier, that at the same time that I checked with the Essex Record Office and Lincewood School, I also contacted the Education Department at Chelmsford who confirmed that they did not have the old records and that they would not have been involved in the preservation or transfer of the old records, which would have been the responsibility of the school. Let’s hope that someone will eventually come forward!

    By Jean Peters (16/11/2012)
  • Hi Ellen, I was very interested to hear about the reunion that you attended at Langdon Hills School all those years ago and about the old records being available to look at on that occasion. Unfortunately, we had moved away from the district by that time and I was not aware of the event. Had I known of it, I would most certainly have gone along. 

    As to the present whereabouts of the old registers and other records, I would imagine that any past members of the school staff or school governers who were ‘in post’ at the time the school closed and who may still be around, will know what happened to them. 

    Would I be correct in thinking that Phyllis Burr, who was in my class, is your sister? Best wishes.

    By Jean Peters (14/11/2012)
  • Hi Jean, Phyllis Burr is my cousin, she has another sister Jenny and two brothers, our fathers were brothers, we all lived up Langdon Hills. 

    After I posted a reply to you on the website it crossed my mind as to whether the admission registers were taken by Essex County Council Education Dept. As Langdon Hills was closing and Lincewood opening they may well have taken them, someone must have given permission for them to be on display.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (14/11/2012)
  • Hi Jean, Langdon Hills Primary School had a reunion a few years ago. I think it was possibly in the early eighties, can’t remember if it was for the Schools 75th or possibly the opening of Lincewood it was for a special reason as I recall. It was a really lovely time meeting up with old friends, the school was completely open for us to wander round and reminisce.

    The school hall had tables laid out with all the old registers on for us to peruse. It was wonderful, I found my fathers entrance and some of his siblings around 1919 to early 1920s. I went with my sisters and we found our own entries. The registers definitely existed then, like you it would be wonderful if they could come to light.

    By Ellen English nee Burr (10/11/2012)
  • Following my message of yesterday, can anyone tell me, please, who may have possession of the earlier records of the Langdon Hills Primary School? I am thinking particularly of the Admission Register and the Log Books. 

    In 2009, the Essex Record Office advised me that they had not been deposited with them and the Lincewood School confirmed that they had not inherited them from the old school. 

    The only Langdon Hills School records held by the ERO are the Managers’ Minutes from 1944-1973. I would love to hear from anyone who may know the whereabouts of these earlier records which I have been trying to locate for some years.

    By Jean Peters (nee Abbess) (08/11/2012)
  • I have enjoyed looking at the photographs posted by John Bathurst, which have brought back many memories of my time at Langdon Hills Primary School. 

    I agree with Ken Fuller that No. 2 is John Storey and agree similarly with the other names which have been put forward, except that I don’t think No. 14 is Doris Runnacles. If my memory is not playing tricks on me, I think No. 7 is Doris. 

    The Koppit girl at No. 19 may be Brenda(?). Like Lilian Andrews, there is no photo of me in the ‘rogues gallery’ and I only remember bringing home one school photo from Langdon Hills Primary School. It was, I think, taken just before I left. 

    Yes, I remember you, Lilian, with your pretty blonde hair and rosy cheeks! I also have memories of Isabel Beaney who used to live near the Langdon Hills Recreation Ground. We occasionally played together when visiting my aunt and uncle in Berry Lane (Doris & Cyril Holland). 

    Hello Eric. Yes, I remember you when you played in the orchestra at the annual Operatic Society shows. Unless I am mistaken, you played the clarinet. 

    My husband, John, who started his local government career at Basildon U.D.C. also recalls your regular visits to the Council Offices in Billericay in connection with your family’s printing and stationery business. I understand you always provided a good service! 

    Some of the other children from my class, who are not in the series of photographs, are Mary Luton, Jean Soul, David and Dorothy (?), Muncie (twins), Elaine Tagg(?), Maureen Salt, Frederick Ashton, Jean Heather, Margaret Biggs, Phyllis Burr and Jean Cross. 

    Some of the teachers that I remember at the school during my time there are Mrs. Baker, Mr. Walker, Miss Obrien, Mr. Richardson, Miss Wendon, Elsie Neville, Mrs. McCutchon, Miss Margaret Richards and Daphne Wilkinson (music teacher). 

    Just to show what a small community Langdon Hills was in those days, I have a group photograph of the School Prefects in 1930 which includes both of my parents when they were at school and also the mothers of Jean Cross and Maureen Salt who were both in my class about 20 years later!

    By Jean Peters (née Abbess) (07/11/2012)
  • Henry Freeman is my uncle, my mother, Gladys Freeman’s younger brother. She too went to this school at the same time. All of her children (7) then went to the school from 1955 onwards.

    By Christine Elaine (née Robinson) (27/03/2012)
  • The girl inbetween Ken Fuller and Colin Rowe – would anyone else say it could be one of the Koppit girls?

    By Andrea Ash (nee Pinnell) (15/03/2012)
  • This is a lovely idea, especially getting to know where the people are now. I attended the Langdon Hills Primary School from the age of five (around March 22nd 1936) with my cousin Olive Spencer (now Attwood), three years my senior. 

    My first class was with Mrs. Jones in the green corrugated iron hut at the back of the school, continuing into the class of Miss Snow, and then the dreaded Miss O’Brien. 

    Mr. Hall was headmaster then, who was, at some time later, replaced by Mr. Taylor, next door to whom we moved in Rayleigh, quite unknowingly, when we were first married in 1955. 

    Would anyone have any photos of pupils in 1936 to 1939, I wonder, when, again around March, I went on to St. John’s School, Billericay.

    By Eric Grant (14/03/2012)
  • That will be great if you do get a chance to have a look at the other photos you have. Thank you very much. Lilian from New Zealand

    Editor: I have looked through the other batch of photographs and there are only the twenty faces above.

    By Lilian Mead nee Andrews (25/10/2011)
  • It was so wonderful to see all the above photos. All the children were in my class. I think the photos may have been taken just after I left when I moved to Southend-on-sea when I was 10. I have lived in New Zealand since 1973 and have two grown up sons. I wonder if anyone remembers me I lived in Shakesphere Avenue off of Berry Lane and had a brother Ken.

    By Lilian Mead née Andrews (23/10/2011)
  • Me again I realise now these photos are in 1947 when I was six I was at the school from when I was 5 so I wonder if there are any more photos of this time. Does anyone know if they were taken at the school. Perhaps I was sick that day. Still can’t get over seeing all the faces.

    Editor: I have another set of these photographs but have not checked to see if there are differences between the sets. I will check

    By Lilian Mead née Andrews (23/10/2011)
  • Next to Eileen Greenfield I am very sure is John Story, he went N Z 1947-1952

    By K Fuller (10/09/2011)
  • I believe this to be me below Ken Gray

    By Ken Fuller (25/08/2011)
  • As a relative newcomer to this area (I moved from London in 1963) I didn’t attend school here but have had the great pleasure of getting to know many of the locals; I think that the boy in the photograph at bottom left may be Geoff Williams.

    By Colin Humphrey (23/08/2011)
  • Wonderful finding these old photographs bringing back such wonderful memories. I remember so many of you.

    By Doris Ford (Cavedasca) (22/08/2011)
  • Wonderful to see these pics. Have just made contact with Pat Card. I live in South Africa and have a son and daughter, plus two granddaughters. Visit the UK on occasions, hope to meet up with some of you either on email or in person. Wonderful memories.

    By Isabel Smith [nee Beaney] (21/08/2011)
  • Hi that is me next to next to Ken Gray or Grey, Patricia Card, how do I get my name under the photo please. I loved that school and my time spent there, happy days!

    Editor I have added your name with pleasure.

    By patricia cash (neecard ) (17/08/2011)
  • I think the girl next to Ken Gray or Grey is me!!! Patricia Card I was in the same class as Isabel Beaney, and I recognise a lot of the others.

    By Patricia Cash (nee Card) (16/08/2011)
  • The name of the boy in the last picture (I think) is Colin Rowe. I recognise a few of the other as yet un-named and will recall (hopefully) more names in the not to distant future.

    By Bruce Bellamy (08/08/2011)
  • 5 Doris Ford (Cavedasca)

    By Paul Cavedasca (08/08/2011)
  • Numbering Left to Right from the top of the page – the names May be ? 1 – Eileen Greenfield 6 – Janet Leach 8 – Isabel Beaney ? 11 – Spelling is Vivian Sargeant 13 – Siggers is with an S on the end 15 – Surname Gray or Grey?

    By Mike Smith (05/08/2011)

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