Another Laindon Building bites the dust

March 2011, just before closure
Ken Porter

Ever since the Basildon Corporation appeared on the scene in the 1950s, Laindon and district historic buildings have slowly disappeared. Markham’s Chase Leisure Centre might not be an historic building but it has been serving the community faithfully since 1989, when it was open by Eamonn Martin the last British male to win the London Marathon.

The powers that be have sold it to help pay for the sporting village in Gloucester Park.

It had 2 activity Halls, 4 badminton courts, 2 squash courts, fitness rooms and many different clubs used it. Playgroups, youth club, Dance clubs etc it will be greatly missed by the local inhabitants. Now all they have to look forward to is yet more housing, traffic and less open space. It closed on the 31st March 2011.

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  • GOOD for you Valerie.

    By Brian Baylis (18/12/2011)
  • I agree with Mr Whiskin above. We are ashamed of the way Laindon has been treated as a poor relation for all these years. Laindon shopping centre (when I was a child) was a booming village with many shops and a community you could be proud of. There were more shops and less people than there are today. Now the infrastructure for all these additional houses is just not there. Our roads are damaged and it is a struggle to get out of any turning to get into work. I have recently attended many meetings to try and save another playing field and community hall on Pound Lane. We have now been given the go ahead from Basildon Council to take over this area and give it back to the community. So with the help of St. Nicholas Church and a committee we intend to try and put something back with the help of the residence. The hall should be up and running by the new year to be hired and used for all.

    By Valerie Kingsley (née Boatwright) (25/07/2011)
  • Why do all councilors have to come up with ideas for selling open spaces and schools playing fields.  I have seen in my time the disgusting way that they have ruined Laindon High Road which was once the envy of this part of Essex. We had shops from the fortune of War to the other side of the station that was the days when we could as children go out and enjoy the freedom of the open spaces, now where can we go without having to catch a bus. Shame on all who think more of getting a name for themselves than the people who have had no say in the matter. School playing fields have gone to make the councils dream come true football pitches as well, God someone tell us how they sleep at night. Some children now do not know what an open space is.

    By Les Whiskin (28/05/2011)
  • Just curious to know, why is a picture of Laindon west community centre on here? I am frequently in there, is it getting shut down?

    Sorry an incorrect photograph was submitted the article refers to Markham’s Chase Centre and the correct second photograph has now been added.

    By Amy Rogers (17/05/2011)

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