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Say No to the development of open space

Dear Supporter

Thank you  for all your support so far  in opposing Basildon Council’s proposals to allow development on the Dry Street Meadows site. 

As you know we have fought this off before and we can do so again -against the odds! 

This is how you can now help:
On this email is a letter you can cut and paste onto an email to Basildon Council’s Planning department. You then send it to:

IMPORTANTLY, please on this email blind copy us the email -a blind copy will usually be shown as bc or bcc on your email address bar. So the blind copy to:

Also, can you please make your friends and neighbours aware of this email. Forward it to as many people as possible and ask them to do exactly the same by sending the wording of the email letter to Basildon Council with a blind copy to us. We really need to get this going urgently as soon Basildon Council will be preparing their revised plans for its Local Development Framework, Core Strategy.

Thank you so much for you help – together we can work to try to stop development on Dry Street.

What you need to paste onto the email to Basildon Council is below and put your own name and address where shown.


The undersigned calls upon Basildon Borough Council to reconsider its  Local Development Framework, Core Strategy , with regard to the development of Dry Street Meadows for housing.

First, to reject the principle of building on the site in accordance with the policy of Council motion of 3rd November 2004 which resolved to: 

  • Remove the land at Dry Street from special reserve status
  • Disassociate itself from English Partnerships (now the Homes and Communities Agency) campaign to develop the land at Dry Street 
  • Reaffirm its commitment to do everything in its power, including the allocation of necessary resources to include the land at Dry Street in the Green Belt.  


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  • I note that there are financial problems in getting to the High Court to overturn the refusal to hold a public enquire. Although I hope that they are successful in raising the funds and getting the review, I cannot but feel that as a large part of the land is owned by Homes and Communities (H&C), which is a Government Quango they have a long fight ahead.

    What history has shown is that Quangos like H&C which is the grandchild of the Development Corporation, just keep on until they achieve their original plan for Basildon.

    Good luck in saving a valuable open space but be prepared for a long fight.

    By Ian Mott (06/10/2014)

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