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It would appear that the council have decided that the War Memorial will stay in Laindon and they are in the process of setting up a working group. Thank all of you who support the motion for it to stay in Laindon. In the meantime watch this space.

I am also involved with ‘The Basildon Borough Heritage and Museum Group’ (www.basildonheritage.org.uk) who work out of the Green Centre at Wat Tyler. We are compiling a ‘Roll of Honour’ for the Borough in book form. Wickford and District, Billericay and District and the Ramsden and District already have produced in book form ‘Roll of Honour’ for their respective districts.

We are working on the remaining parishes and two books are envisaged:

  1. Comprised the parishes of Pitsea, Vange, Bowers Gifford, North Benfleet and Nevendon
  2. Comprised the parishes of Laindon, Langdon Hills, Dunton, Lee Chapel and Basildon .

A copy of each book will be presented to each Church and Libraries in the respective parishes.

Our time table is to have available in 2014, anniversary of the First World War a ‘Roll of Honour’ loose leaf book of the First World War.

By 2015 ‘Roll of Honour’ of the Second World War.

By 2016 Combined bound book of both World Wars.

At the same time we will be preparing a ‘Roll of Honour’ for those that have died in wars and conflicts since the Second World War but at the moment no time table for this has been set.

We are also compiling a dossier of those men and women who lived in the Basildon area when they signed up for Military service became involved in a conflict and survived. This can cover any period in history up to the present day.

If you have any relations that fit any of these projects we would be pleased to hear from you and their stories.

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  • Four volumes of the First World War Roll of Honour for the Basildon Borough have been produced in loose leaflet format. The volume for Laindon/Langdon Hills/Dunton/Basildon is on display in Laindon Library. Additional copies are with the Laindon and Basildon British Legion, St Nicholas Church, Laindon, St Marys Church, Langdon Hills, Holy Cross and St Andrews, Basildon. 

    A bound book for the whole Borough is on display in St Martins Church, Basildon Town Centre.

    Roll of Honour for World War II will not be available for at least another two years.

    By Ken Porter (05/07/2016)

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