Malayan Medal for Laindon Lad

Malayan Medal for Laindon Lad
Searching through some old local papers I came across the following article: –
‘Before 19-years-old Alec Huett, of Evenley, Tylers Avenue, Laindon, joined the Army to serve his period of National Service, he was keen bowler with a local cricket club. Alex had only served for a few months when he was posted to Malaya with the 55th Company (Air Despatch), R.A.S.C. In spite of this, he still managed to keep up his target practice. This time it was not with a cricket ball, but with supplies dropped by parachute for the troops fighting in the jungle.
Alex has completed over 200 flying hours on about 70 sorties, and for this achievement he was recently awarded the Malayan Medal.
He was going to keep the award as a surprise for his mother and family, but decided to break the news in his last letter home.
Operating day and night from Kuala Lumpur, driver Huett’s company have dropped into the jungle everything from bombs to cats. According to his letter the cats were needed to destroy thousands of mice which were affecting one ground base.
Before joining the Army Driver Huett was a cutter at a local factory. He was a pupil at Markhams Chase primary School and Laindon High Road Secondary School.
Besides being a member of Lee Chapel Cricket Club, he also took an active part in activities at Laindon Youth Centre.

Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla war fought in the Federation of Malaya form 1948 until 1960 (12 years, 3 weeks, 5 days).
Does anybody remember Alec Huett?

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  • I played cricket on a few occasions with Alec Huett. I particularly remember one match on the sports ground of Kearley and Tonge in the Barking area, I think. A very attractive sports ground with a couple of gas holders on the perimeter. One could almost imagine playing at the Oval where there is a similar gas holder. Is Kearley and Tonge still in business? Their vans used to advertise Amgoorie Tea. Amgoorie is a tea estate in Assam.

    By Alan Davies (30/06/2020)

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