Claremont Road VE Party

Photograph and names provided

 1 Harriet Pastel
née Quinton
 2 ? 3 Mrs Grainger 4 ?
 5 ? 6 ? 7 Mrs Quinton 8 ?
 9 ?10 ?11 Mrs Sizer12 Mrs Dangerfield
13 ?14 ?15 ?16 ?
17 ?18 Mrs Woodley19 Nurse Broom20 ?
21 Sid Sizer22 ?23 ?24 Audrey Hayden
25 ?26 ?27 ?28 Donald Bolton
29 June Fuller30 ?31 ?32 ?
33 ?34 ?35 ? Hickey36 ?
37 Jeannie Quinton38 Brenda Broom39 Rosemary Fuller40 Derek Sizer
41 ?42 ?43 ?44 ?
45 ?46 Beryl Almeroth47 Rosemary Grainger48 Jean Pastel
49 Pamela Sizer50 ?51?52 ?
53 Gerald Almeroth54 ?55 Betty Beetwell56 ?
57 ?58 ?59 ?60 ?
61 ?62 ?63 ?

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  • Yes Richard you are spot on. Up Nicol Road turn right into Claremont Road and the field was on the right and the High Road properties are in the background. There have been for about 35 years sheltered accommodation flats on the site now and when they were first built my mother moved into one as the first tenant at no.52 and from her kitchen window you saw the exact view in the photgraph. She also had a vegetable plot where the party table was and tended the garden there until she was well into her eighties. She is now 94 and has had to resort to the residential home in Tavistock Road so is still only a stones throw from Claremont Road.

    By Ann Rugg nee Bullimore (10/07/2012)
  • Ok, this is VE day, so before I was born. However, I am sure the spot in the photograph is the field off Nichol Road where I played with some of the children of my age possibly another 12 years afterwards, many of whom lived in Claremont Road.

    If I am correct the view of houses behind shows Amara, the bungalow on the right, with the tall houses in the centre background being on the High Road where Nurse Broom lived. Claremont Road would be situated behind the photographer as he took this shot. Can someone check me on this as I have been wrong before!

    Certainly the names are all there, Mrs Grainger, mother of Rosemary (in the photo) then later Doreen and Derek, she was a lovely kind lady. Mrs Woodley was mother of David and Derek Woodley then the Sizers who had the butchers on the corner of Nichol Road. Pam Sizer was known to my mum as she has talked about her at times. Then Mrs Dangerfield, the grocery shop owner next to Pelhams. I would love for someone to fill in all the missing names.

    Anyway, look at all the food on the table, the cake stands and flower arrangements. Is that a gold crown above the number 8 in the photo? People then were proud to be neighbours and looked after each other. I hope some of those in the photo get to see it, it is fabulous.

    By Richard Haines (01/07/2012)

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