Sandringham Road VE Party

Photograph and names provided

Harry Horton


 1 Rose Burton 2 Johnny Johnson 3 Percy Clark 4 ?
 5 Wilfred Birnie? 6 Harry Horton 7 Ronnie Hawes 8 Rose Birnie/Mrs Bartley
or Bartlett?
 9 ?10 ?11 ?12 ?
13 George Hopper14 Buddy Bartley or Bartlett15 Doris Allder16 Betty Gannon
17 ?18 Rene Clark19 Gladys Clark20 ?
21 ?22 ?23 ?24 ?
25 ?26 ?27 Jimmy Good or Peter/Derek Venner28 Violet Good
29 Peter or Derek Venner30 ?31 David Laver32
33 ?34 Christine Osbourne
or Brenda Hawes ?
35 Joyce Findlay
or Marjory Hawes
36 Gladys Clark
37 Terry Jerome38 Doris Clark39 Clara Rose Allder
41 Dorothy Saltmarsh42 Gordon Clark4344 Mrs Reeves
45 Mrs Rose Theobold46 Ronnie Theobald47 Miss Pearce48 Mabel Venner
49 ?50 Mrs Wiltshire51 ?52 ?
53 Raymond Venner54 Jean Hawes55 Tony Theobold56 Barbara Good
57 Eileeen Page58 Joyce Page59 Ron Page60 George Bartley or Bartlet
61 Florence Byron62 Jean Byron63 ?64 ?
65 Betty Clark66 Annie Allder67 Rosie Harnwell68 ?
69 ?

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  • No 39 is my Nan Clara Rose Allder

    By Shirley Morley (Brown) (08/05/2020)
  • Hi, My mum Rose Theobald (Saltmarsh) is no.45 and my brother Ronnie is no.46. My aunt Mabel Venner ( Saltmarsh ) is no. 28 and with her are her twins Peter and Derek no. 27 and 29, I am not sure which is which. There big brother Raymond Venner is no. 53. My aunt Dorothy Saltmarsh is no.41, I think she was a gate-crasher at the party, as far as I am aware at the time she was living at no. 6 Railway Cottages in Laindon with my Grandparents.

    Editor: Two names have been suggested for No 27, therefore I have left both in place for the time being.

    By Valerie Pini (née Theobald) (19/08/2013)
  • No 42 is named as Gordon Clark. I am a little puzzled by this, as he and I were in the same class at Markhams Chase School and sat next to each other in Mr Stanley’s class 1954/55. Therefore Gordon had been born at the end of 1945 and couldn’t have been the boy in the photo. He later moved with his younger brother Neville and widowed father Geoffrey to the house on the corner of the junction of King Edward Road and Devonshire Road (north side). My mother told me they had come from an area not far from the station.

    Gordon was our paperboy for many years. I remember my sister and I once having a wonderful snowball fight with him over our front garden hedge, we managed not to break his glasses, but we may have got his bag of papers slightly wet!

    Gordon appears on the 1958 LHR school photo, Page 7. No. 21. Alternatively, does anybody know if there was an older boy also called Gordon Clark? Unlikely but possible.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (11/07/2012)
  • With reference to Eric Pasco’s comment on the V.E.Day party photo taken near the junction of Sandringham/Essex Road. When collecting the names for Harry Horton’s photo I was reliably informed by Eileen Page and I also think Harry that the house wall just in the right of the picture was the home of the Clark family. Jean Byron is still in Langdon Hills and when I next see her I will see if she can help any further as to which is correct.

    By Ann Rugg nee Bullimore (10/07/2012)
  • Hi Joan, It would be the Sandringham Road you mentioned, as I recognise many of the names, most of whom moved into the King Edward Estate within a few years after the war.

    Being a post war child I did not know many of them but over the years had heard that the Theobolds, Clarks, Bartleys, Venners etc. all lived in the area before I can remember. I do recall the Byron family still lived there and also the Hawe family lived on corner of Kent Road and Sandringham. My older sisters will remember them all of course.

    Can anyone confirm if the photo was taken near the Byron’s house which just shows on the right of the photo…it is the only 2 storey I remember in Sandringham. Did Betty Gannon marry Len Mansworth ??

    By Eric Pasco (06/07/2012)
  • Thank you Eric, after I had posted my last message I realised the name Byron was on the list, I should have seen it was the Sandringham Road I knew. (A case of the old grey cells letting me down)

    Also I think Betty Gannon did marry Len Mansworth, as on other pages on this site it was mentioned that they had a son Alan who sadly died very young. It would still be very interesting to know where in Sandringham Road the photo was taken. I know the house the Byrons lived in was called York House. Kind regards Joan

    Editor: I have added a section of a 1938 O.S. map that may help you locate the properties concerned.

    By Joan Baterip (06/07/2012)
  • Can anyone tell me if this was the Sandringham Road at the top of Windsor Hill? I was born in Sandringham Road in 1945 and the only name I can remember from the list is Gannon, as I used to play with Gloria Gannon. Also whereabouts in Sandringham Road was the photo taken? Our bungalow was the first one on the right hand side opposite Byrons General Store. Maybe there was another Sandringham Road that I didn’t know. Kind regards Joan Baterip (Nee sarfas)

    By Joan Baterip (05/07/2012)
  • This is a fascinating photograph. I recognised Tony Theobald straightaway (No 55). I was friends with his younger sisters Valerie and Rita when they lived in Powell Road during the fifties. However No 45 is marked as Mrs Theobald, but I recognise No 41 as his mother, Rose Theobald. (I remember her quite well and can see the family likeness). Her sister Mabel, marked as 49 was Mrs Venner who had twins Derek and Peter and then Terry a couple of years later. Maybe it is one of the twins she is holding. The maiden name of the sisters was Saltmarsh. The Venner family later lived in King Edward Road. I think numbers 5 and 8 could well be Rose and Wilfred Birnie who lived in Dickens Drive in the fifties. Their daughter Margaret was in my class.

    By Nina Humphrey(née Burton) (03/07/2012)

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