V.E. Party Westley Road Langdon Hills

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VE Party Wesley Road Langdon Hills
Ellen English Née Burr

This is a photograph of our V.E. Party at the top of Westly Road Langdon Hills. I am afraid I can only name one neighbour and those who are my family relations.

On the far right at the end of the table is my Paternal Grandmother Mrs Ura Amy Burr she is seated next to an effigy of Hitler who was burnt on a bonfire later that evening. It may be difficult to see her and Hitler on the website as she is in black clothes and Hitler is dressed in dark clothes but they are definitley there.

On the front row from right to left is:

3rd child seated [boy] John Cave my cousin, 4th child seated [girl] is my eldest sister Margaret Burr, 5th child seated [girl] is my sister Mary Kathleen Burr.

back row adults standing from right to left are:

5th lady Mrs Edna Herbert, 7th lady with a child just in front of her is my aunt Dot Doubleday with her son, Terry Doubleday, 8th lady standing in dark dress is my aunt Mrs Ada Cave, just slightly behind her is her husband Sid Cave, the next lady holding a child is my mum, Mrs Ellen [Nell] Burr holding me Ellen Burr. 

I’m afraid I can’t name any more. I know names of people who would probably be on there but I can’t identify them. We were quite a small community up on the Hills. I will ask my eldest sister if she can put any more names to the faces.

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  • Ellen, you’ve done it again, a brilliant photo, community spirit shown everywhere, they all look so happy and of course, they must have been, being allowed to get on with Langdon Hills life again. So lovely that your family are all in evidence in the photo with you -fantastic stuff, I love it. Thank you!!

    By Richard Haines (30/11/2011)

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